Join #Listen2TheScript: Prep tasks

If you’d like to get a headstart before June kicks in, here’s your chance my dear overachievers lol.

Please note: the below is of course optional, you can still play without doing them. It just makes it more fun! 🙂

As the listening will focus on Spotify and Youtube, your first task is to make sure you’re on both of those networks. They’re both free and can be used from your browser.

When you’ve done that, there are some important channels I’d like you to follow:

Well done! You’re all set now. Please confirm it below so I can give you your well-earned points! 🙂 But before that, send a shoutout to twitter so folks know #ListentoTheScript is happening.

The confirmation of your follows and registrations is based on trust and honesty. If you say so, I believe you. I’m nice like that lol.

That’s it for today folks, see you soon!



4 thoughts on “Join #Listen2TheScript: Prep tasks

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