Countdown of the most played songs on Spotify: the winners!

Finishing the countdown of the top 12 most played The Script songs on Spotify with the top 3 songs today.

Click to get The Script back into the charts!

As Billboard announced that its official hot 100 charts will take youtube and spotify plays into account, May is about the countdowns of The Script’s most popular songs according to these media. I’ll share the top youtube videos on Mondays, charted singles on Thursdays and most popular Spotify tracks on Saturdays.

Make sure you click play and stay tuned!

Listen to the full list here:

12: You Won’t Feel A Thing
11: Millionaires
10: Before The Worst
9: We Cry
8: If You Ever Come Back
7: Six Degrees Of Separation
6: Nothing
5: If You Could See Me Now
4: For The First Time
Click on the links to have a listen at Spotify if you haven’t today!

3: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

One of the 3 songs of The Script that were able to gather more than 30 million plays. Click on the button below to have a listen today!

2: Breakeven

Another song from the first album in the top 3, Breakeven has almost 33 million plays. Let’s listen to it today together:

1: Hall Of Fame

Undoubtedly the most popular song of the band on Spotify with more than 90 million plays!

Just for your entertainment, here’s the original version which is brilliant, in my very humble opinion 🙂

Have you listened to all 3 at least once on Spotify? Don’t forget that every listen helps to get The Script back into the charts. And now it’s your turn to choose: which of these 3 do you love the very best?


Please RT if your favourite is Nothing!

Does If You Could See Me Now mean a lot to you? Let us know with an RT or favourite!

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