#Listen2TheScript: The Song of The Day 1

Celebrating the song of the day which many of you guessed right yesterday: Good Ol’ Days.

listen2thescript day1

Good Ol’ Days is the first song on #3 and the band call it their “pub-song”. (Click to tweet this.)

“We’ve had fans come up to us before and say we love your songs but we can’t sing along, you know, in a pub or a club, so we tried to go along with that ‘mantra’, and come up with a song called ‘Good Old Days’, and it’s rocking!” (Danny)

Glen also confirmed that it’s an ambiance they all can relate to:

“We’ve never really had a song you can imagine people jumping around a pub to. Hopefully, this’ll be the one. Going to pubs is the one thing all three of us passed exams in.” (Click to tweet this.)

band drinks funny

Meanwhile the song is a “nod to that messy Dublin vibe”, Danny also said that it’s not about getting lost in the past, it’s about living in the moment, knowing that it’ll soon pass:

“That’s what the song’s about, about just savoring the moment. We do it every night: stand onstage, take the applause in, because in a few years time you’ll be sitting at the end of the bar chewing on these stories.”

Photo by annabmusicfan

Photo by annabmusicfan

He also said it was one of the easiest songs to write:

“It’s a really fun song. It opens up the album. It opens up our set. It’s an incredibly fun song. A song like that flows from the top of your esophagus. It was really, really easy.”

Have a listen on Spotify, click play now:

It’s credited to be written by Danny O’Donoghue, Ben Sargeant, Mark Sheehan. It’s not been released as a single and it doesn’t have an official video but it’s been played live in every gig ever since. Here’s a great performance from 2012, played on a roof top in New York for Billboard.

Apart from the “click to tweets” above share these tweets for additional points in the #Listen2TheScript challenge:




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