#Listen2TheScript: The Song of The Day 2

Today’s song of the day (which many of you guessed right yesterday): Walk Away.

listen2thescript day2

Written by: Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power, Ben Sargeant, Mark Sheehan

“Walk Away” was originally due to be released as a single in the United States, even being remixed to feature American rapper B.o.B. However, the release was cancelled, and the remix was instead included as a bonus track on the American edition of the album. “Walk Away” was never considered for release in any other territory.

the band with b.o.b 2010

the band with b.o.b 2010

Here’s the B.o.B version from youtube:

Which one do you prefer this or the original version?



PS: Would you like some extra points and exposure?

If you’d like to earn 20 points, here’s your chance.
All you need to do is to choose a song (or more if you’ve got the capacity) and then send a tweet saying:
I want to host a song on @thescriptbible challenge #ListenToTheScript. Pls RT to support me!
You’re free to include edits, videos, any others details in the tweet as you wish.
Based on the tweet and its RT’s I’ll then decide and DM you if you were selected as a host. You’ll be able to have a song of your choice!
But what does being a good host been?
Well first of all you’ll “own” that song for a day. You’ll be able to set the clue for the others to guess the song and you’ll be mentioned in the post about the song of the day. You MAY also:
• Write about it
• Tweet about it
• Make an edit / drawing / video / cover for it which will be featured automatically
• Or I’m open to your suggestions!
Those are absolutely up to YOU and NOT compulsory though!
But you’ve absolutely got to, have to, MUST have fun with it! 🙂
So go on, send that tweet if you’re interested and let’s see if you can get enough RT’s to win!


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