#Listen2TheScript: The Song of The Day 3

Many of you guessed right yesterday the song of the day: If You Ever Come Back.

listen2thescript day3

Written by: Andrew Frampton, Steve Kipner, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan

It was released as a single on Febr 20 2011 but remained unnoticed by the charts. It peaked at 188 on the UK charts but didn’t get as far in Ireland or the US. The song was the most successful in Australia where it climbed to 47. On the whole, it’s the 14th most successful single of the band.

It’s the 8th most listened song script song on Spotify, have a listen, click play now:

Since its upload in March 2011 the official video on The Script Vevo channel has gathered almost 9.5 million views. Directed by Charles Mehling the video follows the story of a young runaway girl with clips of the band playing in a circle of chairs that later gets filled with people coming to an AA meeting. It’s an interesting twist on the original lyrics that are about a lost love rather than a lost child. My favourite parts were the fact that the 2 teenagers pulling faces at the main girl on the train ended up going to the same meeting and the little scene where Danny turns a chair in front of the camera as if inviting us to sit there.

if you ever come back screenshot chair




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