#Listen2TheScript: The Song of The Day 4

Celebrating the song of the day which all of you guessed right yesterday: None The Wiser.

listen2thescript day4

Click here to read the full article about the challenge and how the lads wrote that song in a day.

The lyric doesn’t change all day, but it’s the only thing the Script bring to Olympic that is anywhere near fully formed. They have two ideas for pieces of rhythm and melody, but how they’ll fit together – if they’ll fit together – is far from clear. They can’t even agree on how fast they should go, though a consensus is developing between Mark and Glen that they work better as uptempo, rockier riffs rather than the slower type Danny tends to favour.

“He’ll still sing it like a ballad,” Mark laughs, nodding at Danny as the singer gets himself comfortable at the studio’s grand piano. “He always does. But that’s good, because it means there’ll be a strong emotional base.”

It has only taken an hour to turn a couple of musical doodles and the lyric into a song. But it will take another 14 hours to record it.

Danny seems to want to lose himself in the music, turning the studio lights down low; when it’s time to do vocals, he’s like an actor getting into character. His job isn’t just to hit the notes and carry the tune, but to touch the listener, and he has an unusual way of knowing when he’s ready.

“I can’t sing if I don’t believe it,” he says, bouncing on the spot behind the microphone, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled tight over his head. “If I don’t believe totally in what I’m singing, you sure as hell aren’t going to! And I can’t believe it until I can stand topless in front of everyone and sing it like I mean it.”

Download their Guardian track None the Wiser from here.

PS: I’ve just seen this on twitter (courtesy AgnesT) and I’ve noticed Rodney Alejandro is credited there as writer / copyright owner but he’s actually not mentioned in the article. If you’ve more info on that, hit me up.

none the wiser info


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