The Script’s new album and upcoming single

Long pals Eoghan McDermott and Glen Power had an informal chat this morning on RTE’s 2 FM Breakfast Show about the band’s tour in the US with One Republic and the The Script’s upcoming plans regarding their new music.

Glen Power with Laura Whitmore and Eoghan Mcdermott earlier this year

Glen Power with Laura Whitmore and Eoghan Mcdermott earlier this year

The 5-minute conversation briefly covered the recent experiences Irish bands had in America. Eoghan recalled Kodaline’s trip while Glen mused about the “unbelievable reaction” they got from the American audience.

“It sets up lovely for when we drop the new album” Glen said.

Eoghan then revealed that he was not allowed to ask about the new music as the announcement is coming next week which Glen didn’t contradict.

They went on chatting about the band’s trip to South Africa starting tonight for 3-4 days, to shoot a music video. Glen explained that they’d have “30 to 40 security guards” when they’re there to keep them safe.

The interview finished with a round of quick questions from taste in cheese to famous Irish girl and boy groups.

Listen to the interview here on youtube with pictures of Glen. Thanks to ScriptManiacs on twitter for uploading it very quickly after the interview!

Looking forward to next week about more information on music, titles, dates and more!


2 thoughts on “The Script’s new album and upcoming single

  1. wow! awesome!! nice to hear (or read, for that matter) the updates on the new album .. looking forward to hearing more and the single (is it SUPERHEROES they call?) .. and by the way, i wanna commend you on the first biography page of glen .. it’s amazing!! i read it many times already, my favorite part is about his son .. although i wish i get to read more about his son, i wouldn’t insist anyway bc i know he likes to keep private things private .. i adore him for that .. thanks also for sharing! ur fantastic! 😉

    • Thanks Nelice, I’m delighted to know that you loved it “this is why we do it, this is worth the pain” :)) Can’t wait for knowing more about the new album & single either, hope we can hear the music soon!!

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