The new single’s playback

Today The Script have taken their upcoming single and its video for a playback for TV and radio studios.

It looks like that the lads have mostly finished the work on the fourth album which will be the last of their current deal with Sony and the first after changing labels within the Sony family from Epic Records to Columbia. We’ve all got great expectations as all the previous albums peaked at number 1 on the Irish charts and the band has five top 10 singles to their names so far.

Today they’ve taken a sample of the new songs to some players in the radio and TV and they all seemed to be rather pleased with it:

bliss tv about playback of new single 15 july 2014 chart show tw about new single 15 july 20143 music players opinion of new single 15 july 2014The new single will debut on BBC Radio 1 on the 21st of July on the Morning Show with Nick Grimshaw with Glen, Mark and Danny live on the show.

Since Danny has mentioned it various times that the new album is going back to their roots, the fans expect a classic The Script song: heartfelt, emotional, deep and honest.

What are your thoughts about the new single?




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