Promote #NoSoundWithoutSilence and #Superheroes instead of MTV Hottest

Last year I came to the world of #TheScriptFamily just before MTV Hottest started and I remember our enthusiasm vividly. New accounts were set up, tweets were on the roll constantly and conversations were born around songs, quotes, lyrics, stories. The Script had approximately 1.8 million fans at the time and ended up with 1.5 million votes, the most of all the bands on the list, and finished around place 15 on the list overall.

This year, there’s another round of MTV Hottest but our trio is not on it. Which I think is great news for us because we’ve a more important trend to do: about the new album and its first single.

no sound without silence

The Script: No Sound Without Silence

Imagine if all that effort that we put into a game would be turned to give our favourite band some more exposure right before their album is coming out, and at the time when  #Superheroes is available on the radios worldwide!

Need more reasons?

  • Billboard now has a chart purely based on twitter traffic. The higher a song gets there, the more recognition it gets with the radios.
  • Most stations take social media into consideration when choosing songs to play so the louder we are, the more plays it can result in.
  • The more radios play the song, the more people will love it.
  • The more people love it, the more people will buy it when it’s out.
  • The more people buy it in your area, the more chance you’ve got to get the band there on tour.
  • The more they tour there, the bigger your chance is to actually meet them.

And all you need to do is tweet!

hashtag promo 2014 v1 by rux

Thank you Rux at The Script Quotes for the lovely edit!


I’ll follow the number of tweets on twitonomy, which is a service for data about social media and I’ll post the total number every day. This is where we are now:

As of the 25/07 (data for that day is partial)


Last year we sent more than 50 thousand tweets every day about MTV Hottest The Script. How many are we gonna get for the album and the single?

Let’s get tweeting!



 PS: Please continue to request the song on the radios, the @USAScriptFamily and @ScriptLoveUK are helping you with it, more info here. Try to include #Superheroes in your tweet if you’ve enough space.



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