Replays of interviews from #Superheroes radio launch day

21st of July was the day when the first single, Superheroes was made available for radio play worldwide. The Script concentrated on taking over UK radio stations with an intense day filled with studio and phone interviews.

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BBC Radio 1

The Script drop in with their new single for Grimmy.

Listen to the audio program here, The Script interview starts at around 01:38:00. It was recorded as a video check it out on youtube.

The band talked about their studio bus, how they make life comfortable on the road and black pudding 🙂

band with nick grimshaw 2014 jul funnyCapital FM

The band’s pre-recorded interview was played on the show with #Superhero’s radio debut. Listen to the interview on our fellow scripty blog, The Script Online and here’s a funny snippet shared by Capital about the band singing “Butt Stick”.  It’s defo worth the click! 🙂

capital fm interview singing screenshot 2014 bandBBC 2

The lads went back to the BBC in the afternoon, this time to BBC 2 and they talked about their experience in South Africa, plans for the upcoming tour

Click here for the audio, you’ll find the interview close to the end.

Alternatively, check the audio for the interview on youtube, courtesy of The Script Online.


The band also chatted to Laura Whitmore at MTV:

And ChartShowTV also talked to the lads:

I’ve no information about when and where those would be available though.


Check out The Script Online for regular updates on the interviews.


2 thoughts on “Replays of interviews from #Superheroes radio launch day

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  2. I seriously cannot wait until the album is dropped 9/30!! In the meantime, keep watching the “Superheroes” video on Youtube and tag “#TheScriptSuperheroes” to show support for our favorite band! 😀

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