No Sound Without Silence – the songs and their stories

The Script have talked loads about the new songs in their recent interviews. Here’s what makes us excited at the moment.

no sound without silence

Mark said about the album to Capital FM:

“It’s probably the first time we’ve ever had time to digest the album ourselves a little bit. We spent a year on this, every other record kind of only had six months, so everything has always been a little bit of a rush for us and this is the first time that we’ve got to lay back, take our time and put what we feel is the strongest album together.” (Tweet this.)

(Read more background stories about the making of No Sound Without Silence here.)

Media describing Superheroes

It’s great to hear/read media describing Superheroes “ultra catchy”, “their best yet”, “a natural number one hit”. (Tweet this.)

Read what the guys said about the song and the video here. (You can also find the lyrics for Superheroes there, deciphered in collaboration with The Script Family 🙂 )

Loving No Good In Goodbye

We’ve only heard a snippet of No Good In Goodbye but we’ve already fallen in love with it.(Tweet this.)

Check out the story of the song and the lyrics here.

The sweet contradiction of The Energy Never Dies

 The Energy Never Dies is about an emotional moment but based on the reviews it’s “an up-tempo number, with drums driving the song along”. (Tweet this.)

Read what Danny said about it here.

The story behind Man On A Wire

Man On A Wire was inspired by the documentary about Philippe Petit’s famous tightrope walk between the Twin Towers. (Tweet this.)

Here’s what Mark said about how the song was born.

A song for the Irish

Since the hangout The Script revealed the title of another song: Paint The Town Green. As the title suggests it’s a song about Irish people, especially those ones who are away from their country. (Tweet this.)

Check out the pages above and enjoy this sneak peek behind the curtains!






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