#Superheroes #np on the charts as of today

The Script’s new single is out for either pre-order or for download in most of the countries. Here’s a quick summary as to how Superheroes is doing as of today.

Based on multiple territorries this chart puts Superheroes at #59.



In the individual countries Superheroes is

#2 in the Philippines and Singapore

#3 in Indonesia

#20 on New Zealand itunes

#22 on Holland itunes

#26 on Australian itunes

#27 on Australian top 100

#30 on overall chart in Holland

#64 in Thailand

#90 on South Africa itunes

Not on Irish itunes top 100 (funnily Breakeven is at nr77)

Not on UK itunes top 100 (with The Man Who Can’t Be Moved being at #100)

Other charts

3FM put Superheroes on #2 in their daily top 5:

CaptureThe single debuted at chart position 80 in the UK but only stayed in top 100 for a day according to this page. Keep requesting it to change that!

do it for our people edit by rux promoIt’s #1 on Spin 103.8 tweetchart (click here to vote to keep Superheroes there)

CaptureWhat do you think of the first week of Superheroes?




One thought on “#Superheroes #np on the charts as of today

  1. so glad that Superheroes is doing well here in the Philippines .. hopefully this is one of the many reasons the lads will come back here again soon and we get to see them perform the song live .. hope the lads see this comment of mine .. so proud to be #TheScriptFamily

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