The Script in Cleveland

The Script are currently on the Native Summer tour with One Republic and American Authors and their gigs are going down as a treat with those lucky bastards people in the audience. 🙂

This, of course, doesn’t stop the rest of us trying to enjoy it as much as possible living vicariously through those who are kind enough to share their experience on twitter, instagram or youtube. There’s a small core team who tirelessly tweets during every gig, no matter the timezone difference. Check them out on twitter and hit that follow button if you haven’t yet:

As I’ve recently become obsessed with video stitching, I thought I’d give a try to see how it would look to try to cover a gig from the distance in this format. I’ve included additional information

  • about the venue,
  • a snippet from Danny talking about what it means to them to tour America,
  • shared the meet and greet pictures and
  • summarised the gig through high-quality photos from pro photographers and fan videos.
  • And of course I’ve put there a couple examples of how smitten the audience was with our lads after the gig finished.

Have a look, and let me know what you think, either in a comment, or by clicking a button in the quick anonymous survey after the video. All feedback helps so thanks in advance.





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