How far will #Superheroes go?

The first single of The Script’s fourth album will be released this week in Ireland and the UK. Celebrating the occasion join us with a wee game!

In many countries #Superheroes soared high, peaking in the top 20 from New Zealand to the Netherlands, from Singapore to South Africa.

It’s now time for the home crowd to show love for the first single of No Sound Without Silence. The Script has released a surprise song with the album pre-order, It’s Not Right For You, which peaked at number 3 in Ireland, Indonesia and the Philippines.

This time Superheroes will be available to a wider public as a single after being on the radio since the 23rd of July.

Spread the word, please RT:

Who will predict the best how far The Script’s single will get in UK and Ireland? Win a fridge magnet!

How far will it go depends on not only the already placed pre-orders from fans, but also on the rest of the country showing enough interest to invest in #Superheroes. So part of the game is to get the word out as wide as possible but also to enjoy it as #TheScriptFamily watching the single climbing the charts.

Place your vote on twitter by clicking here and filling in the blanks! Please, note the three points below though 🙂


1. Your vote needs to arrive before the 9th of September, midnight, Irish time. BUT! Your guess needs to refer to what place #Superheroes will be on your chart of choice on the 12th of September! We’ll check the official charts and see the winner on the 12th!

My guess is @thescript Superheroes will reach… on the … charts by 12/09! #SuperheroesOutNow

2. Tweet both the place you think Superheroes will end up at AND the chart you’re referring to. Only tweets with both information will be entered to the prize draw.

My guess is @thescript Superheroes will reach {state the place on the chart, for example 3 or #3 or three} on the {say Irish or UK} charts by 12/09! #SuperheroesOutNow

3. Include the hashtag #SuperheroesOutNow to give it a little bit of a promo. No hashtag, no prize draw, sorry!

My guess is @thescript Superheroes will reach {state the place on the chart, for example 3 or #3 or three} on the {say Irish or UK} charts by 12/09! #SuperheroesOutNow

You can of course make your own tweet as long as it includes all the above 3 points. You can tag @thescriptbible if you want but I’ll watch the hashtag either way.

And now for the sweet part!

Prize draw

There are not one but three prize draws for this time around!

1. Everyone who gets it right will get a scripty surprise that you can use for the album promo!

BeFunky_null_22. Five random winners will get a fridge magnet with a quote from Superheroes!

Edit by scriptmaniacs

Edit by scriptmaniacs

3. Three random winners will get a shoutout and will be included in The Script Family’s Hall of Fame!

So go on, click here and submit your vote on twitter now!




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