No Sound Without Silence album sampler: snippets with lyrics

The Script’s new album is to be released on the 15th (or 12th in some countries) of September and Google Play showcased a 20-second snippet of all songs on No Sound Without Silence.

Click here to listen to the snippets on Google Play where you can also pre-order the album, or click here for youtube.


No Good in Goodbye was given a different part than previously at the Google Reveal:

“Love comes at a cost

I know I’ll miss this mistake

Every word I try to choose,

Either way I’m gonna lose

Can’t take the ache from heartbreak

But as you walk away

You don’t hear me say…”

(Thanks to Despina at ScriptManiacs for helping me out with these lyrics)


We also heard a similar snippet of Man on a Wire previously here’s the updated version:

“Tryin’ to fight the feeling,
I will fall to the ground if I ever see you
Cause I, I feel like I’m walking a tightrope
My heart is in my throat
I’m counting on high hopes to get me over you
And I’ve got my eyes closed
As long as the wind blows…”


The Energy Never Dies is almost the same snippet as before with 2 extra lines:

“If we’re gonna feel alive
Then let’s feel it now
We could all be blown to pieces
Because time’s a ticking bomb
We can’t all be there tomorrow
But our love will carry on
When you know your days are numbered
When you’re looking in my eyes
It’s not the end, (cuz the energy never dies)“


Hands down Flares is my favourite, love the harmony of the piano and Danny’s voice:

“Did you cry so much that you could barely see

In the darkness all alone

And no-one cares

There’s no-one there

But did you see the flares in the sky were you blinded by the light

Did you feel the smoke in your eyes, did ye, did ye”


Army of Angels is also a brand new sampler, and like Flares or No Good In Goodbye is one of the slower songs from the album.

“Like an army of angels

Like an army of angels

If hate’s the poison then love’s the cure

And it’s you that drives the demons from my door…”


Without Those Songs is a bow to other musicians that inspired The Script:

“What happened in their lives

What happened in their hearts

To make them wanna write the words

That gonna tear this world apart

The beauty of their lives

Is when they’re dead and gone

The world still sings along

When anything went right…”

(Thanks to Despina at ScriptManiacs for providing these lyrics)

Which one is your favourite so far?




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