Talent Corner: a collection of #TheScriptFamilyTalent

A proud display of #TheScriptFamily’s countless talent.

the script family by andrea

Every frickin’ time I go on twitter to chat with you guys, something happens that blows me away. There’s that girl with the lifelike drawings. The other who puts her heart in her art. I hear you guys sing, I see the tweets that read like poems, I collect all those edits you made when you got inspired by The Script’s music, all those photographs that put a smile on my face. I watch you put your arms around each other when one of us stumbles. There’s so many of us walking now only because you didn’t leave us curled up on the floor when we fell. I cannot even BEGIN to describe the genuine admiration I have for each and every one of you because everything you do, everything you feel, everything you survived made you a person that resonates to the things that matter: love, community, friends, respect, acceptance, inspiration, dreams.

I see all those but then in the noise of twitter I lose them, too. That’s why I’d like to collect them here in one place, aptly named the Talent Corner. I need your help with this because as much time as I spend on twitter I don’t see everything 🙂

Check out our:

Looking for:
Artistic Angels, aka people who paint, draw, sculpt, or whatever you think fits this category. Please note that “editing superheroes” have their own very own category so bear with us for that talent. Do you anyone who’s great with art? Let me know so they can be featured in the Talent Corner!

Coming up:



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