Top 10 singles and my top 3

It’s common tradition around this time of the year to make top lists so here is mine, I’m curious what you think!

When it comes to top lists, one can either rely on one’s own opinion or can turn to the public. I like to be thorough so I’ve kinda done both.

The top 10 singles of The Script

There’s a scientific method behind this list. Chart positions, youtube views, Spotify streams were all taken into consideration to identify the most popular singles of all time.

Here’s 10 to 6:

And 5 to 1:

Do you agree with these favourites or do you prefer different songs?

My top 3 from No Sound Without Silence

Let’s put science aside unlike the top 10 songs and let’s focus on the best songs of the new album.

It’s only 12 songs but it shows the album’s brilliance that to choose 3 out of that 12 was not an easy task. But here it goes.

3. Superheroes

It is “scientifically” the most popular song of The Script and one of my favourites, too. Just hearing the intro makes me smile and fills me with energy. I want it to be my song so badly and sometimes it is. Sometimes I feel like a superhero who turned her pain into something better. Sometimes I see what a distance I’ve covered all on my own strength and effort. How far and deep down I started off, how many barriers I’ve climbed over (or crawled under). I’m not gonna tell you my life story here, don’t worry, but this is a song that you can only call yours after you’ve done some hurt, lies, “all the tears that they cried”. I know there’s many of you like that out there.

Edit by Rux

Edit by Rux

2. The Energy Never Dies

It’s an interesting song for me personally because I can’t relate to it from experience. I haven’t had that big overwhelming love that “transcends”, nor do I share the faith that if “I found you before and I’ll find you again”. Still it pulls hard on my heart strings and not ashamed to admit I cried every time I heard it live. Beautiful, beautiful song, bittersweet but totally honest.

Edit by Despina (ScriptManiacs)

Edit by Despina (ScriptManiacs)

1. Flares

No doubt, this is my favourite The Script song not just from this album but from all the albums. If the piano is not enough to pull you into a beautiful fairy world, just wait until you hear Danny’s voice that I’ll baldly compare to Bailey’s: smooth but hot in the throat.

flares were you blinded by the light with superheroes screenshot tsb smaller

So this is my top 3 from No Sound Without Silence, what’s yours?




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