Party in Dublin: #MeetTheScriptFamily

The big date: 20th of June, 2015. It’s Croker, baby! 🙂Since there’ll be so many of us in Dublin around that time, it would be really cool to have the best of you in one place, get to know each other, Dublin and have some good time!

Where and when?

19-20th of June, 2015, Dublin. The actual venue is still under negotiations, we’d like something where The Script played before and easy to get to.

The programme

  1. A fun tour exploring The Script-related places in Dublin as an adventure game
  2. Irish music night
  3. Afterparty
  4. Surprises (aka programs under development lol)

You’ll be able to attend all or any of the above of course, whatever suits you and your schedule.


Sign up for the newsletter to keep in touch about the development of the programme, early bird tickets and more here. You can expect an email about every 2-4 weeks so it won’t overload your inbox.

To get an estimate about how big a place we’d need to book, I’ve created a facebook event. If you’re considering to come, please RSVP here and share it with your friends and on twitter, it doesn’t oblige you to anything of course, just an indication for the numbers.


Please share the news!

Can you help us spread the word by tweeting about the meetup and/or ask The Script to share it on their account? You can use this tweet if you’d like and/or this picture below but feel free to do it in your own way. The more people know about this, the more fun we can have and the better surprises we can bring for the event!

dublin meetup 1

Would you like to help organising?

Hope to see you there! 🙂




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