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Last update: 10/06/2015

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Why are we doing this?

When The Script announced their gig in Croker, a lot of fans from overseas were excited to get their tickets and I thought it was a great opportunity to meet everyone and have a nice evening together. Then Ingridt suggested to organise an auction benefiting a charity that’s close to #TheScriptFamily’s heart, and the event started to take shape from there.

You’ve previously opted to support Headway Ireland that helped The Script and many other families through hard times. Headway is there for people with acquired brain injury, at a time that’s tough on everyone. As a non-profit organisation their work is highly dependent on donations and we’re happy to support them through our special evening.

How can you be part of it?

1. If you’re in Dublin on the 19th of June, come to the meetup. Note: you have to be on the guestlist to be able to attend. SOLD OUT!

2. If you’re not in Dublin on the 19th but will be shortly before or after (say if you arrive on the 20th), take part in the walking tour following The Script’s footsteps in Dublin. (Read on for further info or get the tickets here.)

3. If you’re not in Dublin around that time, you can donate money here or you can take part in the online auction. (Scroll down for further info.)

4. Thank you for all who have donated for our raffle & auction, no matter if you can physically come or not. The more items we have, the better turnaround we can offer to Headway.

5. Please share the news on your social media to make sure people are aware of this. If you’d like to help with organising items and services for the raffle, get in touch!

Are you in Dublin on the 19th of June?

We’re organising this meetup in Dublin on the 19th of June, the night before The Script’s ultimate gig in Croke Park. All profits benefit Headway Ireland, a charity for people who suffered brain injury, either through an accident like Glen did back in 2008 or through stroke or other related illnesses like Danny’s mom did in 2013. The Script as a band, and by extension The Script Family has a lot to thank for to Headway Ireland, no surprise that you’ve all voted for it to be the beneficiary of our event.


The main event is our Irish night from 8.30pm to 2am, with a full bar at your disposal at your own costs (no BYO sorry!). Mostly it’s a non-committal, mingle as you will, get to know your fellow scriptettes kind of event but there are certain things planned for you: we’ll have Irish music, a special guestbook and a raffle so hopefully you all will leave the night with new friends, new memories and some of the lovely items #TheScriptFamily collected.

Are you in Dublin from the 20th of June?

We’re organising a special walking tour in Dublin’s city centre, appropriately named “Following The Script’s footsteps” because guess what, you’ll be able to explore places related to The Script in one way or another.

It’s a walk that you can do any time, and will take about 2 hours to complete. The fun part is that it’s a little like a scavenger hunt: you’re not getting the full route, you’re gonna have to find your way around based on clues, using the power of your eyes (look at your environment carefully) and figuring out some (not too hard) Script-trivia.

You will be able to join us to do the tour together. This is optional and you can choose out of the three dates when you get your tickets: 

  • 19/06 at 10.30am
  • 20/06 at 11am
  • 21/06 at 6pm

You will be able to do the walk at any time yourself!

Get the invitation to the walking tour and get the T-shirt for €19 (click here)

Please note: the exact style of the T-shirt will be confirmed once I got them but the design is as above.

You won’t make it to Dublin in June?

glen DM about auction items 6 june 2015 biggerA lot of you have approached me saying that you can’t attend but would like to take part in one form or another so we are holding an online auction that will be open to anyone, anywhere!

The good news it that Glen is aware of our event and is very happy that you’ve chosen to support Headway so he’s confirmed that he is donating a number of signed drum skins and drumsticks for the auction.

Many of you have also kindly donated beautiful and useful items, the list is growing every day, check them out here!

You can also simply donate money here if you prefer it that way.

Other ways to help

Another big help you can offer is to spread the word about the event: any social media you’re on, any format you find appropriate for Headway, do it. If you tag me or #MeetTheScriptFamily, I’ll RT/repost.


Current donations and how we use them

Updated: 10/06/2015

A big thank you to everyone who’s already donated for the meetup and our selected charity. You’ve bought 108 tickets in the total value of 2581.16 euros. Paypal charged us €116.6 so the available sum is €2404.56.

Expected costs:

  • The ordered T-shirts will be paid from the fee above
  • Guestbook and other stationery for the raffle
  • Ebay costs and postage of the items

So far nothing has been spent from your donations apart from the fee to PayPal. Thank you!

Really looking forward to meeting you all and hoping for a great night for everyone!




5 thoughts on “All about our Dublin event to support Headway and meet fans

  1. Hey Andi! I LOVE getting these emails! lol Food for thought (although I’m quite sure you’ve thought of it all and have all the bases covered…lol)….. I see the raffle has the highest %age right now in poll, which is my personal fave, but how about once we see what we get for raffle/auction, we could take maybe some of the items that would create the most buzz (a.k.a. fetch the most moola) and do an online auction with those pieces. Like what Glen contributes, etc…. I have photos purchased from Peter that I will take up to Philly to hopefully have the lads sign for the raffle/auction. I could then cheaply frame/mount them for presentation… These would easy to transport to Dublin…. 🙂 Also, even though I’m obviously a die hard Script fan, I do not necessarily know Scripty Trivia…like where they shot “X” video, or where they had first gig, or what street “X” was born on, etc….. lol  So, for people like me, how hard and in depth will this scavenger hunt be? I, personally, am more interested in learning things and exploring the city while doing so, than challenging my own trivia knowledge. Just curious… Ok…must start dinner…ttys! love, T

    Tandra Lamia

    • That’s a brilliant idea, Tandra, love it, thank you!! That’s probably the best way to go from all perspective, would let others participate online, and would make the night fun with the raffle! You’re a star! 🙂
      The walking tour: it’s not done yet but even though it’ll be based on The Script, I’m not expecting an encyclopedia (just this blog lol – kidding!) 🙂 It’ll be just as much about your surroundings and fun activities.

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