Bid for these beautiful items donated for #MeetTheScriptFamily

Not long to go til the Dublin event we’ve all been waiting for: The Script in Croke Park on the 20th of June and its teeny-tiny little sister, the #TheScriptFamily meetup for all you lovely people visiting Dublin the night before. As you know our meetup supports Headway Ireland with the proceeding, read about the details here.

Glen is supporting the auction with a drum skin and drumsticks signed by all 3 lads.

Glen is supporting the auction with drumskins and drumsticks signed by all 3 lads.

Online auction is open!

There are 50 items available for auction until the 18th of June, you can bid on them from anywhere in the world, check them all here. There are signed items from Glen himself, photographs from fans, drawings, jewellery, CD’s and a lot more! Have a look and make a bid. Remember, all proceedings after ebay charges and postage go to support Headway Ireland. glen drumskins (2)Donated by the band

collage wall art

Art for your wall

collage photosPhotographs of The Script

collage musicMusic

Collage books Books

Dollscollage dolls

Mark’s guitar plec

Something to wear

collage keyrings

Scripty keyrings

collage jewelleryGorgeous jewellery

Check out the items for the Dublin raffle

The rest of the donations will take part in the raffle at the meetup to  make it more interesting for those who come there in person. Everyone will get 1 ticket at arrival but to increase your chances you can buy more online.

Thank you all for the support!

I’d like to say a huge thanks to all of you, you’re all helping the event in very many ways and it couldn’t happen without you. Please follow the people and organisations who are helping us with the event, they’re absolutely lovely so you won’t regret it:

Follow the full list here and good luck on the auction! We’d like to make it as fruitful for Headway as possible. Love, Andrea


6 thoughts on “Bid for these beautiful items donated for #MeetTheScriptFamily

  1. This is all so awesome, I wish I was artistic & had something to offer!
    Time is running out & my brains hurting but I need to come with an idea for a contribution.

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