#TheScriptNSWSTour in America

The Script returns to the USA on the next (and final) leg of their No Sound Without Silence tour with 12 dates.


There are 4 countries that The Script played in every year since 2008: Ireland, the UK, Australia and of course the US. Danny said about America:

“The funny thing this, we lived there for years and we know the marketplace. It is very hard as a band to really get that exposure. If you’re not Katy Perry or Bruno Mars, it’s really hard to get on the radio and get that foothold. We’ve had five platinum songs over there, so we’ve had success in America but I think it’s trying to connect the dots.” (vindy.com, 2014)

So they’re ready to put in the legwork any time.

“We played in as many clubs and small pubs as we could. We knew what we had to do. We would carry our own gear; it was back to basics. For us it was really enjoyable. The love of music is first and foremost.” (Mark, Yorkshire Evening Post, 2010)

To bring their music to as many fans as possible, they played at least 211 times in the US – more than any other country. From supporting David Cook, Adele, Paul McCartney to OneRepublic, they’ve also had their own gigs. With this album they’re back with the support of Mary Lambert and their own act, Colton Avery.

On the No Sound Without Silence tour they’re playing 12 dates, 10 in the US, 1 in Canada and the first time in Mexico.  They’re playing small venues this time, very different from the arena tour in Europe, Asia and Australia.

“We’ve stripped down a lot of the production. We’re really going, not…back to basics, but we’ve had the kind of massive, massive light show of Europe, and I think coming over here, it’s a small tour, but also I think it’s just getting back to the music, getting back to being a band again.” (Danny, ABC Radio 2015)

Check out the dates of their world tour here.

New York

the script funny siriusxm 2015 red carpet25/05/2015, Webster Hall

The lads played a private gig for 600 SiriusXM subscribers and some lucky winners.

New York is Glen’s favourite American city to play in, maybe that’s why they played their at least 21 times already from showcases to Citi Field with Paul McCartney.

Subscribers can listen to the whole concert on The Pulse (Channel 15): 5/29 at 7 pm ET; 5/29 at 10 pm; 5/30 at 2 am and 3 pm; 5/31 at 1 pm; 6/2 at 5 pm; 6/4 at 10 pm ET


boston over the yrs smaller26/05/2015, House of Blues

Boston is another favourite, The Script played here at least 13 times, which makes it the 2nd most played American city. After playing from pubs to Arenas with Adele, OneRepublic and Paul McCartney, The Script are now playing the House of Blues, an iconic venue with the capacity of about 2400.


dsc_108427/05/2015, Electric Factory

The Script return to Philadelphia for the 6th time and playing Electric Factory they played in before in 2010. It’s an actual converted electric factory and has seen acts from every genre with the likes of OneRepublic, The Cranberries, Scissor Sisters, Nightwish or the Two Door Cinema Club.


20130622-Massey-Interior-90s28/05/2015, Massey Hall

After last year’s visit supporting OneRepublic, our lads are back in Toronto today to play Massey Hall. It’s a small theatre of about 2800 capacity and with a long (120-year-old) history. It’s an all seated venue (although I doubt seats will be used much during The Script‘s gig) and apparently has a rich acoustics.

Did you know?
The Script played in Toronto twice before supporting OneRepublic in the Molson Amphitheater.
Massey Hall is tad smaller than those 2 previous venues.

Las Vegas

shows30/05/2015, Mandalay Bay Beach

Today The Script are playing a special venue in Las Vegas: Mandalay Bay Beach. With 2,700 tons of sand, up to 5,000 people can bring blankets and sit on the beach or wade into the water to watch musical acts perform on a stage that overlooks the pool. Unfortunately it looks like you are not IN the pool during the gig, how awesome would that be though?


31/05/2015, Fox Theater

In 2011 Danny fell in love with The Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA and today marks the third time The Script are back there. Watch Danny’s camcorder, it’s really a beautiful place!

Los Angeles

02/06/2015, The Wiltern

the wiltern LA by Glen 2010Los Angeles is a second (third?) home to The Script, they played there at least 8 times. Today they’re returning to The Wiltern where they played previously in 2010. It’s a lot smaller venue than they’re used to so everyone’s in for a treat! For those us not going, here’s 2 songs from 2010: my favourite, TEWIB and Nothing.


03/06/2015, Marquee Theatre

After having played the Ak-Chin Pavilion in the nearby Phoenix with Train and OneRepublic, The Script are back in Arizona at a small theatre in Tempe. The home state of their support act, Colton Avery, it’s surely a special night in the making.

Colton about The Script:

You can’t help but grow when you’re around them. I think above all the biggest thing I’ve learned is that “it’s all about the song.” Having a great song is all that matters in our industry, but it’s very easily forgotten and shadowed by hype, social media, etc. The stress they place on having a great song is what I’ve learned most from them, and it’s definitely made its way into my own ethos.

(Read more here.)


05/06/2015, State Theater and an afternoon gig at Treasure Island Casino for Cities 97 radio

The Script are doing a double in Minneapolis, playing a studio session for Cities97 radio before their gig in State Theater.

Fun fact: Prince was born in Minneapolis so naturally when the lads were in town, they went out looking for him.

Until a couple minutes later they realised that sadly:

Picture taken backstage in Minneapolis, 2012 by the band's friend Brian Douglas.

Picture taken backstage in Minneapolis, 2012 by the band’s friend Brian Douglas.


06/06/2015, Riviera Theater

Chicago has seen The Script for at least 7 times and they’ve fans there from every corner. As Danny likes to say before Hall of Fame: “It doesn’t matter what religion, colour, shape or sex you are, music’s there for everybody.”

Some fans from 2012 (check the article here):

The Script have shown their brand of pop rock to be hugely popular across all generations.  Just looking around the Aragon Ballroom on this night, before The Script took to the stage, an 80-year-old-man, whom I will call Irish as he did not want to give his name because the night was not about him but the music, explained he was attending to support his love of great music.  He spent his lifetime at the Abbey in Chicago, an Irish pub noted for their great live music.  He remembered supporting all the bands that came though the club.  He would not miss The Script, not because they were of Irish heritage but because The Script provided great music.

Some of the same sentiments were felt after the show by 8-year-old Zoe from Emden, IL, attending the show with her family and friends.  She was dancing and singing to all The Script songs and when asked about the show she was literally speechless!

Angela Adams, also from Emden, IL, “Loved it all!  I have seen The Script twice now here in Chicago! My favorite song was all of them!”

Janet Teegarden, of Peoria, IL, also only in for the show, stated emphatically “The Script was great!  I have seen them many times and they are always great!”

Denise Wolschlag of Normal, IL, added her insight: “All the songs were great but ‘Nothing’ was a favorite!”

And friends Adams and Dunlea were thrilled to have their flag hoisted high on stage by O’Donoghue during the completion of the band’s encore.  Dunlea added, “I have seen the band perform many times.  The Script are an inspiration and their songs have gotten me through many tough times!”

Photo: Chicago Music Magazine, 2012

Photo: Chicago Music Magazine, 2012

St. Louis

pageanttheatre07/06/2015, The Pageant

This marks the sixth time The Script are back in St. Louis and the the third they’re playing The Pageant. Built as a concert venue, The Pageant apparently has optimal sight lines and exceptional acoustics.

Just like in 2011, one can expect a concert that’ll stay with you. “The Script’s love of their music was infectious, to the point that many fans continued singing the group’s songs at the top of their lungs as they walked through the parking lot to their cars after the concert had ended.” (Read more here)

Mexico City

10/06/2015, Auditorio Nacional

The Script’s very first visit to Mexico sees them in the Auditorio Nacional with the capacity of 10 thousand people, the biggest venue of the American leg of their No Sound Without Silence tour. The country has waited for a long time for this visit and they welcome the lads with true latino enthusiasm.

This  closes the American leg of the No Sound Without Silence tour but The Script are playing plenty more in the summer, mostly focusing on European festivals but also planning their biggest ever concert in Dublin’s Croke Park with more than 80 thousand people. Check out the full list of gigs for 2015 here.


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