Supporting bands coming up

Thank you for your help to decide which bands you’d be most interested in to read about. Through the following weeks, I’ll feature a little piece with the following bands, so watch this place. (Or sign up for getting new posts via email on the right.)

The Original Rudeboys

First to come will be about one of the support acts on The Script’s #3 tour in 2013. The ORB (as they’re called more recently) are an Irish trio from Dublin playing pop songs with hip-hop elements. The three lads, Sean “Neddy” Arkins, Rob Burch and Sean “Walshy” Walsh have been long-time friends so forming the band happened organically. They loved the opportunity to play with The Script on the road. You have also played some really impressive support slot this year, like with The Script earlier in the year, as well as The Game, Professor Green and Damien Dempsey. If you could play with or support any band on the planet who would it be?

Rob Burch: Coming up soon, Ed Sheeran is playing Madison Square Garden. We want to play a venue like that with an artist like that.

Sean Walsh: We got to support The Script, one of the biggest bands in the world. If you asked us that question a year ago, we probably would have said The Script. We went to see U2 in Croke Park a few years ago and The Script were supporting them and we weren’t even in a band at the time, we hadn’t even thought of the band.

Neddy Arkins: We were fans of The Script before we knew them, but there is always a much better connection when you know the three of them come from across the road. They were always in our top band to support. We knew we would get on great with them and we did.

tour with orb

More on the trio in the post coming up!

Tinie Tempah

Next on the “menu” will be Tinie Tempah, who supported The Script twice over the years: in 2011 with Science & Faith and in 2015 on the No Sound Without Silence Tour. Tinie is accompanied on tour with his permanent DJ, DJ Charlesy who has a regular spot on Capital FM Friday nights.

band tinie tempah dj charlesy 2015More on the duo in the post dedicated to them 🙂

Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor are an Irish folk duo formed in 2011. The duo consists of brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor, and they supported The Script on some dates of #3 tour in 2013.

Ryan Sheridan

Ryan Sheridan is an Irish singer, songwriter and guitarist from County Monaghan and was a support for the Science & Faith tour’s Irish dates in 2011.

The Coronas

The Coronas are an Irish rock band from Dublin. They played with The Script in 2009 and in 2011.

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert is a Seattle-based singer, most famous for “Same Love”, a song my Macklemore. She supported The Script in 2015 on the American tour.

Safety Suit

SafetySuit is an American pop/rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. They played with The Script in 2011 on their American dates.

Gary Go

Gary Baker, known by his stage name Gary Go, is a UK songwriter, supported Take That with The Script in 2009.

Officer Kicks

Officer Kicks are a British rock group who formed in early 2005 in Southeast London and played with The Script in 2009, forming a long-lasting relationship with the group’s lead singer, Jamie Scallion.



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