The 12 favourite songs of #TheScriptFamily, part 1

Just counted: with the 4 albums out, we have 48 songs from The Script to love and cherish. That’s kinda awesome. Obviously we love them all, but then there are those gems that touched the deepest parts of our collective souls. (Aww! lol) Read more about the album and some of the songs here.

So I thought: let’s do a little poll, because we all love voting, and let’s find those 3 songs of each album that we can’t live without. Thanks for clicking those buttons, here’s what you’ve voted:

Countdown to the top 3 of The Script album

Starting with the first album, you’ve selected your favourites so let’s see which 3 will make it to the top 12 favourite songs of #TheScriptFamily! Thankfully all songs received votes, would’ve felt really bad otherwise 🙂

#1 of The Script album: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Of course it’s the first. The song that Danny says on stage, made The Script.

Read more about the song here.

#2 of The Script album: Breakeven

It’s The Script’s most successful single in the US peaking at 12 after 2 years on the charts! It looks like it hasn’t lost its charms yet.

#3 of The Script album: Before The Worst

According to the band, this was the first song they wrote together and this was the song that got them signed up as well. And it’s celebrating it’s 10-year-anniversary this year, can you believe it? Read all about it here.


The rest didn’t make it into the overall top 12, which will be made of 3 songs from each album, but thought you’d be interested in the final results.

#4 of The Script album: We Cry

A little sad it hasn’t made it to the top 3 because this is the song that ultimately made me a fan after hearing #3 first. This is my favourite video of The Script, too, just shows how much they can do without any fancy equipments or lighting or production. Music at its best.

Read more about the song here.

#5 of The Script album: I’m Yours

This is the only The Script song with one writer credited (Danny) and one of the rare ones which can be considered as a happy love song.

#6 of The Script album: The End Where I Begin

One of my all time favourite songs from The Script, it expresses the pain of losing someone you love dearly and finding the strength to go on.

#7 of The Script album:Talk You Down

Interesting choice of a single with a great intro but less impressive chorus that was released in March 2009: it never made the charts anywhere except in Ireland. It’s a cute little song though, with a music video directed by Mike and Enda from D.a.d.d.y.

#8 of The Script album: Rusty Halo

The upbeat song is the closest to a rock song The Script album gets and was the highlight of the live shows.

#9 of The Script album: Anybody There and Fall For Anything

Interestingly it’s the shortest and the longest song on the album 🙂

Anybody There was a bonus track on the album and it’s Glen’s favourite:

Fall For Anything was a song from a brother to a sister, warning her about the wrong choices she’s making over and over again.

#10 of The Script album: None The Wiser and If you see Kay

None The Wiser was a special song written and recorded within a day for the Guardian. Read about it here. It’s made the setlist on their first UK tour and sounds great live.

If You See Kay was a MySpace song: “We just jammed on MySpace one night, had a great idea. We just sang a verse bridge and a chorus one evening just to see if people liked it, was it a song they thought we should be pursuing.” (Mark) More info, edits and videos on IFUCK here.

#11 of The Script album: That’s My Home and Live Like We’re Dying

Thanks for adding these songs onto the list. That’s My Home is a bit of a mystery, it uses the chorus from Marvin Gaye’s Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) but the verses are different. If you know when the song was made or recorded, let me know, my good friend Google couldn’t help me out this time! Nevertheless, have a listen, it’s a great song.

Live Like We’re Dying was originally planned as a bonus track but was later re-recorded by American Idol 2009 winner Kris Allen as the first single of his self-titled album.

Thanks for all the votes, not let’s see what you think of Science & Faith! Love,



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