Supporting The Script series: The Original Rudeboys

The Original Rudeboys, or ORB as they’re called more recently, are an Irish trio from Dublin playing pop songs with hip-hop elements. The three lads, Sean “Neddy” Arkins, Rob Burch and Sean “Walshy” Walsh were long-time friends so forming the band happened organically. When they first recorded their jam and uploaded it to YouTube it got so popular that they’ve decided to do some more. And after naming the group based on a text of a standard T-shirt, The Original Rudeboys were born.

Touring with The Script

After releasing their first album The Original Rudeboys played with rappers like The Game or Professor Green as well as Irish acts like Sinéad O’Connor and Damien Dempsey. The Script announced it in December 2012 that they’re bringing the trio with them on the European dates of their 2013 world tour after having invited them to open for their intimate launch party gigs in Dublin and Cork, September 2012.

The Original Rudeboys loved the opportunity to play with The Script on the road.

It was something that they had always wanted to do. If you could play with or support any band on the planet who would it be?

Rob Burch: Coming up soon, Ed Sheeran is playing Madison Square Garden. We want to play a venue like that with an artist like that.

Sean Walsh: We got to support The Script, one of the biggest bands in the world. If you asked us that question a year ago, we probably would have said The Script. We went to see U2 in Croke Park a few years ago and The Script were supporting them and we weren’t even in a band at the time, we hadn’t even thought of the band.

Neddy Arkins: We were fans of The Script before we knew them, but there is always a much better connection when you know the three of them come from across the road. They were always in our top band to support. We knew we would get on great with them and we did.


Apparently there were a lot of laughs:


Touring with The Script and playing big arenas had a huge effect on the sound of their second album. Just like The Script intended the songs on Science & Faith to be fit for arenas, The Original Rudeboys inspired for the same:

“That idea of making the sound bigger was there,” Walshy said in an interview with “When you are standing at the back of the arena or side of the stage, seeing the response to what they’re (The Script) doing happen in front of you and how they do it, it definitely rubs off on you.”

Rob said about The Script to Sunday World: “I really can’t talk highly enough about Danny, Mark and Glen. They couldn’t do enough for us, and going out with them around the UK, Europe and Australia has helped us to grow so much as a band.”

In another interview he added that they get on well on a personal level: “They’re a great bunch of lads and when we tour with them it just feels like we’re out on the road with our mates. They have been so helpful and supportive of us.”

Neddy: “We’re all from the same city and come from the same background too so we definitely connect with them on that level.”

And what level is that exactly? Let the tweets speak 🙂

True Irish banter, bet that was an interesting tour!

The music

The ORB’s first jam song, Stars In My Eyes, went on to become the band’s first official single, peaking at No. 2 in the Irish iTunes charts and No. 18 on the Irish Singles Chart. They continued making videos and gathering followers so no wonder when their first album, This Life, was released, it debuted at No. 1 on the Irish iTunes charts, No. 1 on The Independent Charts and No. 3 on the Irish Albums Chart.

A lot of their fans found them through their videos:

The album was recorded in the UK with Jake Gosling, best known for producing Ed Sheeran’s multi-platinum debut album ‘+’ and was released on Gotta Run Records, a division of Rubyworks in March 2012. This was the album many The Script fans heard on tour in 2013.

It’s to the band’s credit that the fans continued to follow them afterwards as well:

Their second album, All We Are, was released in May, 2014 and peaked at number 2 on the Irish Charts (number 1 at the Independent Albums Chart).

Before the album they released two singles, the first, Never Gonna Walk Away, won the Song Of The Year award at the Meteor Choice Music Prize in 2013, and reached top 10 on the Irish charts.

The second single Feel It In Your Soul was also an itunes number 1. Stay Strong was not released as a single but is a fan favourite:

More recently the trio are releasing new videos just like they did before the first album, but retaining the sound of the second. Check out I Wanna Fly literally from their couch:

Super Duper was shot in Dublin with an iPhone and it’s cute, feel-good song, check it out here.

Giving back

Having lost one of their close friends to suicide, the band wrote Sunny Days in memory of him.

They continues to support two suicide prevention charities, Console and Walk In My Shoes.

Neddy said: “We’re delighted to have the proceeds from ‘Never Alone’ going towards Console and helping them out with all the amazing work they do. Hopefully people take something from the song and it helps them through difficult times, reassuring them that through all life throws at them, that they are never truly alone.”

During their autumn school tour when they talked about their lives in a band, and their experiences in the music industry, they also invited guest speakers from the two charity organisations.

Keep in touch with The Original Rudeboys

Check out their official homepage and follow ORB:

  • on Twitter with lots of personal interaction
  • on Facebook (they even reply to comments so don’t be shy!):
  • on Youtube for their regular videos

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