The 12 favourite songs of #TheScriptFamily, part 2: Science&Faith

In the top 12 each album will be represented with 3 songs based on your votes. You’ve voted for your top 3 of The Script album previously and now it’s time to share your votes about the Science & Faith album. Read more about the album here.

#9: Long Gone And Moved On + Bullet From A Gun

the script you cant reverse the bullet from a gun tsb smaller v2Bullet From a Gun was a bonus track on the US version of the album and both songs are very interesting musically. Long Gone and Moved On features Danny’s high notes (up to B4) and it’s one of the songs where Glen’s drumming shines through with staying in the background so to say.

“I try to syncopate what Dan is singing. When we are in rehearsals, I will pick out certain notes in Dan’s vocals and bring in the snare or the bass drum on those. I catch either syllables, or words or phrases in the vocal and put something together with them. A good example of that is on the song ‘Long Gone And Moved On’, which is on our second album. You can hear the accents on the snare following the vocal inflections on there. The effect is quite subtle. It doesn’t feel subtle to me because I know what I am doing, but the effect is to underline the phrases and senses of the song.”the script long gone and moved on tsb lyrics smaller

 #8: Dead Man Walking

The song was part of the set list on the Science & Faith tour and despite it being popular, it’s never been released as a single.the script dead man walking tsb lyrics smaller v2

#7: Walk Away and This = Love

Walk Away was originally due to be released as a single in the US, even had a special remix version featuring American rapper B.o.B. However, the release was cancelled, and the remix was instead included as a bonus track on the American edition of the album.the script walk away lyrics psd silhouette v2

This = Love was played on Vampire Diaries.

the script this love lyrics crowd silhouette tsb

 #6: If You Ever Come Back

It was released as a single on Febr 20 2011 but remained unnoticed by the charts.Mark said once it’s his least favourite song 🙂the script if you ever come back lyrics silhouette tsb v2

#5: Exit Wounds

This 4:25-minute long song is about the damage relationships can cause.

“We often imagine that I suppose, just walking down the street that you see people with these little holes in their body but when you look at their back they’ve got these giant holes in them where somebody has actually left them with these massive scars.”the script exit wounds lyrics danny tsb

 #4: You Won’t Feel A Thing

Starting with an amazing guitar, it might not come a surprise that it’s Mark’s favourite song to play live.

“We can rock out to it and we play it towards the end so people are really with us for it” the script ywfat lyrics mark tsb v2

#3: Science and Faith

“Science to us was the logical male and Faith was the emotional female. And I think being logical males we think we can break love down to science, we can explain exactly how a person’s feeling about somebody else – stupidly I suppose. Not realising that we actually can’t. It’s not about chemical reaction, it’s not something you can explain. It meant so much, that’s why it took over as the title track.” (Mark)

the script science and faith lyrics tsb danny v2#2: Nothing

As Mark likes to point out at their concerts, the song is about Danny’s drunk-dialling problem.

“He doesn’t have a drinking problem, he has a drunk-dialling problem”

the script nothing lyrics silhouette tsb#1: For The First Time

“We felt compelled to write about it. As we stood in front of some of our friends down at the local pub, our friends who used to help us out and buy us drinks when we were bum musicians, and we want to celebrate with them and say thank you for being there when we were in bad times, you want to say I’ve just supported Paul McCartney and U2, but you can’t – they’re now going through the worst time in their lives; losing their jobs, their money, their material possessions and breaking up with their loved ones. So we felt that the song For the First Time was written for them, to help them understand that even though everything has been taken away, at least they have each other.”

the script for the first time lyrics glen tsbThanks for your votes to be able to make this list, I know we love all these songs dearly! Go, have a listen to Science and Faith now. 


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