#Top3of3: battle round 3

We’ve voted before for 3 favourite songs on The Script and on the Science & Faith album, and now pairs of songs are battling for your favourite for #3!

How does it work? We start with a pair of songs and you choose which one of those 2 should go to top 6. Then we’ll pair two top 6 songs and again you decide which one of those will get to the final 3. Thankfully we have exactly 12 songs to start with so it works out all perfectly.

I’ve paired the songs simply based on the alphabet and so far you’ve voted Broken Arrow, Good Ol’ Days, Hall Of Fame and If You Could See Me Now into the next round.

Today it’s the last four songs in the alphabetical order of the tracklist, that’ll make our top 6 before the last and final round!

Millionaires or Moon Boots?

Are you going for a night out or a trip for the moon?

No Words or Six Degrees Of Separation?

Not an easy choice between a very special love song and beautiful break-up song, both based on The Script’s real life experience.

Voting is only open today so feel free to share on twitter to convince your followers to vote for your favourite 🙂




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