The last round of battles #Top3of3

We’ve now got the 6 songs that won the first rounds of battles. It’s time to vote for the best 3!

I’ve paired them randomly for the last round of battles and man, there are some tough choices! They’re all great songs of course but only 3 can make it to the final. You have 2 days to vote for one song in each pair.

Broken Arrow or Millionaires

Did you vote for Broken Arrow? Click here to share your favourite line.

Do you prefer Millionaires? Tweet your favourite line.

Hall Of Fame or Six Degrees of Separation

Did you choose Hall Of Fame for the top 3? What’s your favourite line? Tweet here.

Or did you vote for Six Degrees of Separation? Tweet the best line here.

Good Ol’ Days or If You Could See Me Now

If you prefer Good Ol’ Days, tweet your favourite line here.

Or if you’ve voted for If You Could See Me Now to be in the top 3, share the best line on twitter.

Voting closes on Friday so feel free to share on twitter to convince your followers to vote for your favourites 🙂




2 thoughts on “The last round of battles #Top3of3

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