Top gigs of The Script in Ireland (hotpress vote)

Hotpress magazine have made a list of top 50 Irish gigs of all times and they’re now asking us to submit our favourites. There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to The Script, but here’s my top choices.  (Click here to vote for your favourite on Hotpress.)

the script mark fire 2 on stage croke park 2015 screenshot

Selecting the top gigs I wanted to go for the special memories, the milestones marking the ever-growing popularity of the band in their home country. If you’d like to see the full list of gigs The Script have ever played in Ireland, click here.

The first time at Oxegen, 2008

“Before we went on stage, there were maybe about 200 people in the tent at Oxygen, and I thought ‘Oh no, Ireland hates us’! But then about five minutes before we went on, the place filled up and they were turning people away” (Mark)

It’s safe to say that Ireland definitely does not hate The Script!

5-night stand in the Olympia, 2009

Glen: “I’m so lucky to be here. After everything to come home and to play in front of our mates, our families, it’s great. I can’t believe it how things have turned around so quickly but we’re loving it. You remember how I was on the cabaret circuit in Dublin, slogging away for years, and then I got the call from the lads so I said to myself ‘why not?’ It was the best decision I ever made. The Olympia shows have been deadly.”

Check out the young Danny O’Donoghue dedicating I’m Yours to a “very special woman”: his mum.

Olympia Theatre, 2010

The Script played a special midnight show on 17th of December 2010.

“This Olympia gig will give us the chance to give something back to all our fans out there who have supported us at the beginning and also give them a chance to help us do some good in the community at the same time. Ireland has been such a Champion of our music from the start, we wanted to close out the year there and give something back, so we are putting some tickets for the gig up for auction with the proceeds going to Temple Street Hospital and The Simon Community. We are honoured to be able to help in this way and look forward to what will be an amazing night in our home town.”

Love the Christmas hats 🙂

Aviva stadium, 2011

“This was our first stadium show as headliners, We were incredibly nervous.” (Glen)

“Looking out into the crowd I could see my mates, my family, even people like my old vocal coach, people who owed me money, people I owed money to! Everyone was there. Irish fans are really unforgiving, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, but when you get an Irish crowd to clap for you, or to cheer for you, you really feel like you’ve earned it. It was so satisfying to hear, but we worked incredibly hard for it. We really find it crazy to think that just three years ago we were first on the bill at The Sugar Club. We’ve come a long way.” (Danny)

“It was very poignant that the Aviva had just been finished when we played that night. We wanted to have an Irish band make a stamp on the Aviva. No pressure so! I thought we really did the job and the people who came that night really did the job too. It was a really momentous thing.” (Mark)

Cork Opera House, 2012

I might be overly influenced by this tour diary video for including this gig in this list but shoot me, they are just too cute 🙂

Dublin Castle, 2014

Amazing setting for an amazing album, and a start of many long-lasting friendships in my case. Couldn’t leave this one off the list!

“It’s amazing to think we can still do that after all this time. When you come back, you’re always worried, ‘Are people still going to want to come see us?’ We’re just dying to play Dublin, and wanted to do something special.” (Mark)

“Dublin Castle hasn’t been played in over ten years. As a setting and a venue in your own hometown… it’s going to be very special for us.” (Danny)

Croke Park, 2015

No doubt this gig has the number 1 spot on this list. Being only the third Irish band to sell out the national stadium to more than 80 thousand people, this marks another big milestone in The Script’s career, hopefully not the last!

“Hopefully, it won’t be,” Danny said to hotpress. “We want this to be the first of many.”

Loved this fan summary and if you’d like to watch the official highlights, it’s on facebook, or click here for the full gig.

What’s your favourite Irish gig from The Script?

You might have chosen different ones, gigs that are special to you personally or you think was better than the ones above. Tell me about your favourite The Script gig in Ireland in a comment below or send us a tweet, just click here.

If you’d like to get any of the gigs featured in Hotpress, Ireland’s biggest music magazine, you can now do so by voting here. They haven’t included any of The Script’s gigs in their top 50 but we can sure show our appreciation to our favourite band with our votes!

To see the full list of gigs The Script have ever played in Ireland, click here.




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