Vote for your favourite songs of No Sound Without Silence

We have selected the top favourites from each album so far, now it’s time for No Sound Without Silence. Let’s battle on!

Which of these 11 songs + extra track Howl At The Moon will make it to the top? It’ll be your decision again!

How to vote?

Step 1: tweet the hashtag of the song(s) you want to see in top. (See them below.) I’ll monitor the number of tweets per hashtag. You have until Wednesday to tweet, so get voting!

Step 2: the 6 songs with the most tweets (RT’s count) will battle out 2 at a time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Just like we did with #3.)

Let’s start with the songs!

Vote with the hashtags

Please note: you can send as many tweets as you want. RT’s count, but quoting or favouriting a tweet does NOT. You can include pictures or links with your tweets and you don’t have to tag me or The Script, just make sure you include the hashtag.

You can vote for more than 3 songs this time, though make sure you don’t vote for all of them coz that kinda defeats the purpose 🙂

Army of Angels

When love’s a battle
And life’s a war

Send a tweet with #TheScriptAOA.


Did you see the flares in the sky were you blinded by the light

To vote for this song, tweet #TheScriptFlares.

Hail Rain or Sunshine

And you may see this place and find no worth
But it’s a little piece of heaven here on Earth

Tweet with #TheScriptHROS.

Howl at the Moon

Now that I’m older
And life’s a little colder
You’re told you need to let go of your dreams

Vote for it with #TheScriptHowl

It’s Not Right For You

It’s hard enough trying to live your life
But not following your dreams
Leaves you dead inside

Tweet with #TheScriptINRFY

Man on a Wire

The higher I get
The more I miss the ground
No safety nets
Now you’re not around

Vote for it with #TheScriptMOAW

Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”

I’m blessed as a man to have seen you in white

Tweet with #TheScriptNSAQLY

No Good in Goodbye

Now I’m the low in lonely
Cuz I don’t own you only
I can take this mistake but
I can’t take the ache from heartbreak

Vote for it with #TheScriptNGIG

Paint The Town Green

And that life you had in Dublin
Now ain’t nothing but a dream
To be right there in the moment
You’d give anything to be

Tweet with #TheScriptPTTG


When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been working every day and night
That’s how a superhero learns to fly

Vote for it with #TheScriptSuperheroes

The Energy Never Dies

I’ll take your hand and I’ll hold real tight
I’ll tell ye life’s just a blink so don’t think twice

Tweet with #TheScriptEnergy

Without Those Songs

What happened in their lives?
What happened in their hearts?
To make them want to write the words
Gonna tear this world apart

Vote for it with #TheScriptWTS

Good luck!



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