Top 12 songs of #TheScriptFamily, part 4: #Top4ofNSWS

The final results are in! We have the top songs of No Sound Without Silence now.

I almost forgot to share it with you but the funny thing is, just like with #3, there actually are 4 songs in the top for the fourth album. The votes were so close, that It’s Not Right For You and No Good in Goodbye missed out only by 3 and 2 percent respectively! It looks like we love these 6 songs almost equally. But based on the hard decisions we’ve made, here’s the final four:

Man on a Wire and Flares

With 16% of the votes each, they’re both in the top 3.

Personally, Man On a Wire hasn’t touched me the way most Script songs do. I think it’s a very clever way to put what a break up can mean to some but I didn’t feel the heart in it somehow. Until Mark put the song into a totally different point of view at their Croke Park gig.

“I realised that life is just like a tightrope, you don’t know whether you’re gonna stay on or fall off. You just gotta take one step in front of the other every day and try to get on through that.”

The video for Man On a Wire recently passed 5 million views, so have another watch to add to it, it’s worth it.

Flares is one of those songs I can’t listen to without tearing up. It means so much to me feeling the way it describes (“in the darkness all alone”) and it focuses me to “see the flares in the night” – I do believe they’re out there, I just don’t always see them. The song doesn’t have an official video but I love this interpretation of linking the song to one of the most controversial issues we (still) face: rape vs whore culture. Kudos to the creators for the sensitive approach!


The first single off the album, no wonder it’s a favourite, there’s nothing like starting your day with its sentiment: “That’s how a superhero learns to fly”. The video is a beautiful mini-movie about the father who’d do anything to keep his child safe and put a smile on that little face. The thought behind the video and the song was that “it’s the average people who do extraordinary things that are our superheroes. It’s us tipping our hats to them saying that if someone’s gonna knock you down, knock you down, you’re just gonna come out stronger in the end.” (Mark)

The Energy Never Dies

I’m not sure the band realised how strong this song was when they wrote it. It got a big makeover from the album to the No Sound Without Silence tour, embracing its strength and displaying its positive energy. Out of the four albums, it’s the first time that our most favourite song was not released as a single.

Read more about the album and the songs here.

Top 3’s (or 4’s) of the previous albums

This concludes the top 12 (or 14 to be precise) songs of The Script Family:


  • Millionaires
  • Broken Arrow
  • Hall of Fame
  • If You Could See Me Now

Science & Faith

  • Science and Faith
  • Nothing
  • For The First Time

The Script

  • Before The Worst
  • Breakeven
  • The Man Who Can’t Be Moved




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