Thursdays in #TheScriptChallenge

Thursdays from now on will be dedicated to The Script’s support bands.

Support bands on the blog

There have been a couple featured on this blog before, famously starting with a Walking On Cars interview after we fell in love with them in 2014.

walking on carsIt didn’t take long for the crowd to be wrapped in the eerie, charming and honest performance. The catchy choruses allowed sing-alongs for us all who didn’t know the songs beforehand – but there were a number of people around who knew the lines by heart. “Strangers connect tonight”, goes a line in their hit single Hand in Hand, and it exactly what happened between stage and audience. There were no dancers, no fireworks, just playing their songs from the heart. Who could resist that after falling in love with a band who’s done the same through their career?

Read the full post here.

It was followed a couple month’s later by The Script Family’s sweetheart, Colton Avery who also was generous enough to answer a couple questions.

Der amerikanische Sänger und Songwriter Colton Avery live als Support von The Script im Palladium Köln.

I was able to see him a couple times since and hats off for his performance that was spot on every single time. It’s hard to captivate an arena audience with only a guitar but Colton’s powerful voice just makes you pay attention, no matter where you stand or sit. It’s got a bit reggea-like tone to it although his music is more blues than anything.

Read the interview from March here.

Another Irish favourite, The Original Rudeboys was featured not long ago, have a look.

Original RudeBoys  Oct 2014_20The Original Rudeboys, or ORB as they’re called more recently, are an Irish trio from Dublin playing pop songs with hip-hop elements. The three lads, Sean “Neddy” Arkins, Rob Burch and Sean “Walshy” Walsh were long-time friends so forming the band happened organically.

They’ve a great relationship with The Script, read about the banter among the lads here.

If it’s Thursday, it’s about the bands

During #TheScriptChallenge, I’ll feature a band related to The Script every week. I’ll try to link it as close to the song/line of the week as possible and I hope you’ll enjoy the rather eclectic music that these bands play. From Tinie Tempah to SafetySuit we’ll cover pretty much every genre there is 🙂 If you’d like to get the posts in an email, you can subscribe on the right. Check back and let me know what you think!




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