#TheScriptChallenge: Superheroes

Welcome to the first week of the biggest challenge yet! 🙂
Click here for general information.

We start with a special song from No Sound Without Silence: Superheroes. You can find the full lyrics here.

Turn that pain into power

This is the line of the week, use this as inspiration for your submission. Make sure you include the quote somewhere (anywhere) in your creation.

For example:

  • an edit with that line
  • you singing the song (cover)
  • draw something that reflects the quote and include it in the caption
  • write a short story that includes that line
  • etc.


When I say “creation”, I use it in the widest of sense: it can be a drawing, painting, montage, photograph, digital or manual art, edits, videos, gifs, short stories, poems, real life stories, blog posts, music and anything else you can think of when you say art. Don’t limit yourself with the format.

Please include the line of the week in your art. It doesn’t have to be featured as the main piece but it has to be included at least in the caption.

Only submissions sent until midnight Dublin time on Saturday will be included in the challenge.

You’ve probably noticed, I really like hashtags, so please humour me and use the hashtag (#TheScriptChallenge) when you share your art on social media. 🙂

You don’t have to do it every week: you can join whenever you feel like it. No excuse not to do it, really! 🙂 The more you do the better of course and to implement that above mentioned regularity there are special prizes for the “frequent fliers” 🙂

Any questions, let me know.




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