#TheScriptChallenge: Superheroes – the videos

As you’re working on your submissions for this week’s challenge, here are some special videos with Superheroes.

The official video

We all had different ideas for the Superheroes video but none were overly impressive so we looked to the director, Vaughan Arnell. Instead of Marvel or DC, we wanted to promote the extraordinary in the ordinary, I guess you could say. We grew up in homes with parents and siblings who did as much as they could for us, regardless of how tough times were – they never let it known to us, their children – and in a sense that’s heroic. That experience really fuelled our desire for ‘Superheroes’ and Vaughan really helped us to portray that.

Behind the scenes

“Only in South Africa would you get that kind of energy,” Danny said. “We placed a stage in the middle of the street at about 4 pm one afternoon and decided to just play for people and the response we received was not like anywhere else.”

Live in Amsterdam

Acoustic in BBC Live Lounge

The fan video

The most unique cover

Loved this duo covering Superheroes.

Any other Superheroes videos you liked? Feel free to share in the comments or send a tweet 🙂

Have you done the Superheroes challenge yet? More info here.


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