#TheScriptChallenge: Superheroes – the quotes

As it’s all about Superheroes this week, let’s have a look what the lads say about the song.

It’s a song about people’s inner strength. The horrors that some people endure. It’s been really well received that song. We’re over the moon with it.” (Mark)

“Superheroes is for the people that may not necessarily get recognition in their field: the nurses, the doctors, and also the underdog – it’s to inspire people like that. They’re the inspiration for us for this song.” (Glen)

“We are good at sitting around and talking about issues late at night. That song came from that. There’s people being bullied and sold to the sex slave trade, yet they remain optimistic and positive. They’re unsung heroes.” (Danny)

Read more about Superheroes, quotes from the lads and the song’s background here.

Have you done the Superheroes challenge yet? More info here.


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