#TheScriptChallenge: Superheroes – my story

These Friday posts will be very different than you’re used to on this blog from me. I was hesitant until the very last minute whether to include this but decided to take this leap of faith: it’s how The Script inspires me after all and you’re all part of it.

You have until tomorrow midnight (Dublin time) to submit your creation, let it be art, poem, video, story, edit etc. Looking forward to see how this line inspired you! (Featured image by Melinda The Script Quotes)

Never forget

The pain is with me every day.
It comes and goes like a wave,
but always stays.

Numbed by the decades and booze
It’s like a pebble in my shoes
Hard to lose.

Other times it’s an uncontrolled
Sudden fall into that deep hold
Of frozen cold.

“Let’s talk about what happened” my therapist would say if I had any (if I had any)
“I’ll pray for you” the priest would say if I had faith in him (in him)
“Invite in the positive” the esoteric hippies would chant (honestly)

They’re like oil over the angry bay
Hiding the fact I was betrayed
It’s not okay

What happened I didn’t choose
It left me with more than a bruise
Fucking fools

You’ve heard the story, it’s been told
Over the years, always in codes
Without hope.

“All the hurt, all the lies” they were singing piercing my heart (my heart)
“They’ve taken too much hits” the same song goes and I find me in it (in it)
“Turn that pain into power” they advise, taking my hand, gentle and kind (so kind)

They might not know what they say
But for me it’s a bright new way
To lose that pain

Let’s dig it all up, where are my tools
Turn dirt into clay, through and through
Nothing to lose

Let’s be a sculptor without mould
Piece by piece the pain will dissolve
And off I go.

“What happens to you is not your fault” I hug the girl inside my soul (my soul)
“Don’t bury the pain” this lesson says, it’ll weigh you down, hold you back (oh back)
“Burn that fucker, it’s fuel for your rocket, you belong to the sky, never forget”
Never forget.


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