Superheroes: winners and submissions #TheScriptChallenge

Thank you all so much for taking part in this week’s challenge: “turn that pain into power”.

I’ve never expected the response and I’m truly touched by the courage you showed sharing your stories, the talent displayed in all the edits, drawings and video you’ve made to honour The Script’s Superheroes and more importantly, to honour yourselves, the distance you’ve covered to heal. You’re a wonderful bunch and I feel privileged to know you all even if it’s just a little bit.

This week’s submissions came from:

  • adelemarie82
  • AdeleRoberts79
  • Alexis
  • AllTimeADreamer
  • AndaAndrijanic
  • BrettSG91
  • Catheri33297324
  • Cheryl Wilkinson ‏@Dizzychick01
  • claudia_barner
  • cocoloco5757
  • DutchSmurf_1
  • EenDenise
  • emsy69hs
  • Eva_Cristina01
  • ezezvensson
  • ImWithTheScript
  • joyce_musicx
  • juleerandy
  • just_neve
  • Lucia Del Rosario ‏@Lucilladr
  • MercedesY
  • Natalieee_Lewis
  • PetraZdrahal
  • Rosanne Pranger
  • rustyflares
  • SandraDrew
  • ScriptOfManon
  • Scripts_Angel
  • the1christa
  • tinatsangel
  • tsaremyangels

Every week I’ll randomly choose one lucky winner who will get a small fridge magnet to remind you how great you are. I want to make it random because I don’t like competitions. I feel strongly about this: none of you is better than the other. If you take the time to make something that comes from your heart, it doesn’t matter how many likes, favourites, RTs, votes you get. Your only worry is to make something that rings true to you. Nothing else matters.

Congratulations to Julee who won the fridge magnet this week!

Because you’ve put your heart and soul into the replies, I was inspired to make a proper summary of it:


You can download it above or if you’d like the printed format, you can order it here as a photobook.
(You’re only paying for the printing costs, I’m not getting any money of it just to be clear!)

summary the script challenge***

This week was all about Superheroes:

Next week we’ll tackle Hall of Fame, keep an eye out for the line to use in your creations tomorrow. More on the challenge here.



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