#TheScriptChallenge: Hall Of Fame – the videos

The best official, live, acoustic, cover versions of Hall of Fame.

You have until Saturday midnight Dublin time to enter this week’s challenge inspired by Hall of Fame. In the meantime, enjoy the videos! 


The video was directed by Ethan Lader and was in he top 50 most played music video of 2012 according to Music Week. It was shot in Hollywood in a TV/movie set that had lots of different rooms for soap operas according to Mark “from bed rooms to prison cells”. The video follows the story of two imaginery characters: a thin lad who becomes a world champion in boxing and a young girl with hearing difficulties who is a ballet dancer. It shows their daily struggles, their different lives connecting in one thing: working hard for something everybody else considers impossible.

 “We just picked 2 stories a male and a female. The male is an Irish immigrant boxer who gets beaten and bullied through school. He ends up being a champion one day but the story behind every champion is really inspiring: a whole story of triumph and tragedy. One of the beautiful parts of the video is this Hispanic dancer with hearing impediment. How hard it would be in life to choose the profession of dancing without being able to hear the music correctly. There is this amazing part in the video when she touches the speaker to feel the music in her heart. It’s a really touching moment because that’s what music can do, that’s what music did to me: it touched me in the heart.” (Danny)

The slightly different original version

I really like the guitar riff in the middle. Which one do you prefer?


Now this is something. Just the 3 of them with 3 guitars. Love it!


The intro to the latest version of Hall of Fame just takes your breath away. Always.

“We got a whole constellation going on here. See how beautiful that is? We can only do these types of things when there’s a lot of people under the one roof for the same reasons. Like I said before doesn’t matter what religion, colour, shape or sex you are, music’s there for everybody. It’s there for the sad feeling, it’s there to get you when you’re down. The Script, see, we’re about moments, we believe that music gives you great memories. We love making memories, I wanna make a memory right now, let’s see everybody clapping together. Let’s make a moment here! Let’s make a real moment, something you can’t download, something you can’t read about, something you have to say, I was there. Stop thinking about the future, stop thinking about the past, start living in the moment. Just lose yourself to the moment. Hey guys I wanna know, are you in the mood for making a moment right now? Let’s do it! Now I’m dedicating this song to every Script fan who’s been there since our first song to those new people who came today: welcome to The Script Family baby!”

Lyric video

This is my favourite kind of lyric video with the animated text. I can even forgive that the lyrics are not always perfect. Do you like it?


It’s a popular song so obviously there are a lot of great covers for it but when I saw this video, I was blown away. It’s a collaborations between students of Ashanthi’s School of Music together with the winners of Season 12 of TNL Onstage. Amazing voices and such cute faces! 🙂

Special mention

I had to include this video in coz my little brother’s favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. Here’s to the best brothers who are way too obsessed with famous people! Oh wait…

Any other videos of Hall of Fame that you like? Feel free to share!


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