#TheScriptChallenge: Hall Of Fame – the quotes

“We wanted to inspire people to stop trying to be famous for the sake of it. Work hard, be a politician, be a school teacher, be all these things and the pillars of community  that are missing because everyone ‘wants to be on the telly’. Be something, and then, who knows, you might become famous in the eyes of people around you.” Danny said about the song.

You have until Saturday midnight Dublin time to enter this week’s challenge inspired by Hall of Fame.
In the meantime, here’s what the The Script say about Hall of Fame.

“Hall of Fame” came late during the writing process of the third studio album. “We wrote the song leading up to the Olympics and it got that theme. It honors everyday folks that are doing fantastic work, so we wanted to write a song for those people and it has taken a life of its own. At the time, I was a coach on the show The Voice back in the UK with will.i.am, Jessie J and Tom Jones. My friend will.i.am heard it once and wanted it for his record, but we did it as a collaboration and it was our first worldwide No. 1. It was amazing.”

the script hall of fame will.i.am ellen show

The Script were very gracious about working with will.i.am.

“What no one got to see him do on the show, which he’s best at, is producing and writing. He’s a true genius. We got him in a verbal headlock that day and said ‘lets record the song.’ I jumped in the car with him and we went to the recording studio and an hour and a half later we had the song in its entirety. I thought he was going to produce it but he just gave it to me and Mark, and said ‘you guys go and produce it.’ I thought ‘wow I get the chance to produce Will,’ that’s a lot of trust, bloody too much at this stage in my career.”

It turned out to be a job more than well done. The song became their most successful to date, being certified 5x Platinum in Australia, Platinum in Italy, 2x Platinum in New Zealand, 6x Platinum in Norway, 2x Platinum in Sweden and 2x Platinum in the US. The song also peaked at number 1 in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and Austria, and charted in over 30 countries. It is their highest charting single to date worldwide.

And still, it’s the same lads that started out playing Dublin:

“When Will finished, I put the tape in my bag and we left his hotel room, trying to act like it was no big deal. But soon as we shut the door, Mark and I were punching the air, shouting YES! We felt like we’d just robbed will.i.am. A smash and grab with the loot in my bag! Then it was straight to the bar to celebrate.”

Hope you’ll get inspired to enter this week’s challenge inspired until Saturday midnight Dublin time.


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