#TheScriptChallenge: Breakeven – the videos

This week is all about Breakeven, one of the most well-known songs of The Script. Check out some of the best official and fan-made videos, covers. 

If you’d like to take part in the challenge, check the instructions here.

The official video

Mark was also proud of not only the lyrics but the music video as well:

“It’s not saying anything different to any other artists out there but how we say things – we talk about the same emotion but we actually, lyrically say it, I think is quite unique. “When a heart breaks it don’t break even” I think is so universal and it’s an amazing little song. The video portrays what the lyrics portray as well. His worst days are always because she’s having her best days and that’s how we reflected it in the video. We did it in black and white scenes when you see Danny because he’s on the negative side of the feeling, hurting. But when you see her, she’s usually in colour because she’s getting on with her life and things are ok for her.”

The music video was directed by Charles Mehling and shot in Dublin because as Danny said:

“We wanted to do something that’s contemporary Dublin, our Dublin, where we grew up. The main performance is here in Whelan’s intermitted with sequences of a relationship and breakup – basically what the song’s about. The song is called Breakeven and it’s about that in a breakup someone’s always left with the smaller half.”

They chose a casting agency from Dublin because they wanted to make it clear where their roots are. Mark said: “People keep asking if we were American so we realised we needed to do something about it.”

Even though Danny said that screening actresses from Dublin was one of the “only perks of the job”, he also admitted that “It brought back a lot of feelings and emotions. “I said all week: ‘I hope it’s not someone from Dublin we know.’ I was watching some demo tapes of the girls who had auditioned and was like, ‘I know her, I know her sister.’”

His old flame was also among the applicants:

“We were going through the cards and one of them was my ex-girlfriend. It was surreal because the song is partly about her so I was, ‘Nope, next, no way’. She’s a struggling actress and model back home and obviously her agency put her up for it. It’s one for the books, I’ll say. It could have made for some real onscreen tension.”

The video features Irma Mali instead, who Danny fell in love with “in one day on the set”. Unfortunately they’ve split up since.

The acoustic

Check out the fresh faces from 2009.

The live version

The latest from Amsterdam this year:

The cover

Alex Goot plays all the instruments in this cover:

You’ve until Saturday midnight Dublin time to send in your art featuring the line
“They say bad things happen for a reason but no wise words gonna stop the bleeding”
More info here.


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