#TheScriptChallenge: Breakeven – the quotes

This week is all about Breakeven, one of the most well-known songs of The Script. Here’s what the band say about the song.

If you’d like to take part in the challenge, check the instructions here.

The song is a favourite not only with fans but with the band as well. Glen admitted that it’s his favourite on the album:

“Lyrically the song doesn’t get any more concise and brilliant. When I was first played the song, Mark had already programmed the beat. I heard it and was like, ‘that’s not the way it should be’. The great thing about us is we always change the rules – we’re not afraid to mix it up. Lyrically the song is fantastic – we’ve all been in a situation where our heart has been broken!”

The heartfelt melody of “Breakeven” made it a popular karaoke and singing contest song and Danny said he enjoyed how different those performances were:

“Maybe the stuff people put up on YouTube is laughable, but I have to say that end of the day, thank God that they’re doing it. It’s obviously the highest form of flattery. No matter how bad it sounds, I’m just sitting there going, “Holy [expletive], someone in Botswana is playing [my song ] on a one-string instrument.” It may not be in tune, but I’m impressed!”

Danny also said that the lyrics caused some stir in America:

“And then weird stuff happens – you hear that 28 radio stations in the US have banned your single Breakeven because it contains the line ‘I just prayed to a God I don’t believe in’, and you wonder if you should worry about that or just leave it.”

They wanted to do what rang true to them:

“I realized the concept had never been sung about before, and as a songwriter you know when you find the gold, and that day we found the mother lode. Fort Knox.” Danny said.


You’ve until Saturday midnight Dublin time to send in your art featuring the line
“They say bad things happen for a reason but no wise words gonna stop the bleeding”
More info here.


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