#TheScriptChallenge: If You Could See Me Now – all entries + winner

After a little hiccup with the incorrect lyrics from yours truly, the challenge brought some incredible creations this week. Thank you all!

Check out and RT this week’s entries if you liked them (I’m sure you will) and give these fabulous people a good old-fashioned follow, too!

Winner of the week (chosen randomly from all your entries):

Congratulations Tina, you’ve won a fridge magnet to remind you how awesome you are!

Thank you everyone for sending in your amazing creations, it was really inspiring to see them all!

In no particular order:

Created by EmiraLFC

Created by EmiraLFC

Also by Emira:

“What are you writing about?”. I realized I hadn’t been moving anything else except my fingers when I raised my head to see who knocked on the door of the world I had been in. It felt like years, for once, I had problems to know where, when, how, or what moment I was living.. I had gotten so comfortable hearing that pure sound in the middle of a loud silence. The pure sound was nothing but the pen, and the loud silence.. If only someone heard my thoughts arguing with themselves, sometimes it made me wonder if they’re married. It’s impressive how there is so much they try to solve, and yet they only enter an endless labyrinth that not even the pen can get to draw. But words keep flowing like an exhausted river, loud.. and still silent. I was staring at some point of time where all of it would make sense, and I’d see that the solutions had been there.. I was just too scared to look for them. I was too scared to try, and go for what I always wanted. I didn’t know win until it cost me. I was too scared to keep what belonged to me, and frightened enough to show off what I was holding inside. Yet, my notebook was a miracle.. The only miracle that never took the step to judge me. I couldn’t answer! I couldn’t tell what I had been writing about. My words were prisoned in my notebook, and I couldn’t set my thoughts free. They had gotten into a comfortable loneliness, being treasured in the deepest corners of these grumpy faced oceans. Life was better down there, since there was no one to lower them any further. However, I turned my head and carried on. I didn’t open the door of my world, I wasn’t ready to show these treasures… yet!

Thank you all and see you tomorrow with the next challenge!




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