#TheScriptChallenge: winners of The Energy Never Dies

A little late but not forgotten! 🙂

First of all, huge shoutout to all of you who took part in the last 2 weeks! They weren’t easy and many of you did more than your fair share with the daily challenge of The Energy Never Dies.

  • adelemarie82
  • AdeleRoberts79
  • AndaAndrijanic
  • Catheri33297324
  • Dizzychick01 Cheryl Wilkinson ‏
  • emmylou880
  • Eva_Cristina01
  • juleerandy
  • missp82
  • sangellover
  • Scripts_Angel
  • the1christa

(Hope I haven’t left out anyone!) Keep your eyes peeled ladies because you’re gonna receive a special invitation as a reward for a special task very soon 🙂

Thank you for everyone who did an edit for the same line:

  • claudia_barner
  • girl_on_a_wire_
  • Glens_gal
  • n0goodingoodbye
  • ehhhhhrica
  • thescript63
  • joyce_musicx

There were altogether 73 submissions for The Energy Never Dies and random.org has chosen entry #25 as the winner.



Congratulations Emma!




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