#Scriptquiz answers

Yesterday we had 12 questions about The Script on twitter, today you have the answers.

Season 2 of TVD featured 2 songs from The Script.

The Originals (so far) had no songs from our band.

Ben is credited as co-writer on 5 songs:

  • You won’t feel a thing
  • This = Love
  • Walk Away
  • Exit Wounds
  • Good Ol’ Days

Even though 3 of their albums (all with the exception of #3) went to nr1 in the UK, surprisingly enough The Script only had one nr1 single there, Hall Of Fame.

Well, unless the lads take the challenge, I’ll have to trust your opinion on that, no matter how divided lol.

Yes, there are no songs starting with C, J, O, Q, U or V. Maybe album 5 will fill these holes 😉

Before The Worst is talking about Dublin and Grafton street, Breakeven is a classic non-specific song, it could happen anywhere (well, anywhere with 4 seasons).

Danny is jumping around without an instrument in TEND, and is back on his keyboard for FTFT.

I know it’ll surprise you but according to twitter statistics it’s Thursday. Feck knows why lol.


Steve Kipner is the producer who signed the lads as a band back in 2005. He’s been working with them on all their albums since.

Jimbo started working with the lads on #3 and will probably stay on for #5 as well. He’s currently working with Colton on his new album.

About 46. Check the list here.


Songs from The Script have been featured on many movies (e.g. Kokowaah 2 in Germany) in the background or on the teaser even (Million Dollar Arm) not only on Mrs Brown’s Boys, for which they wrote Hail, Rain or Sunshine specifically.

This, time will answer in about 10 months or so…#oops 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these little facts about The Script.




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