#MerryScriptmas: your Scriptmas superhero

The second day of celebrating with #TheScriptFamily, today is about our unsung heroes.

Day 2: 16th of December – your Scriptmas superhero

Who inspires you every day? Who makes you want to be a better person? Tell us about them with the hashtag in a video or a tweet/twitlonger.

Important: I know a lot of you will think of The Script but I’d like to challenge you to think broader. Try the unsung heroes, our friends, parents, the old lady across the street. I’m sure they’ve given you a lot of inspiration, too, sometimes you just have to dig deeper.



Come back every day to a) check on others and b) enter the game.

Daily videos

I hope to make a summary of each day in a Scriptmas video. Watch out for it in the mornings (Spanish time) and forgive me for any human errors in advance 😉

Why take part?

Well, for fun of course! And if that’s not enough then also because there is a little competition.
The best of you in each country will be named as country champion by yours truly. And champions will have something to look forward to at the beginning of 2016! My lips are sealed though but watch this space 😉



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