#10daysofScriptmas: The Scriptmas song

Which Script song is the most Christmassy for you?

Day 4: 18th of December – your Scriptmas song

Today is simply about the music. What’s your favourite The Script song (or line) in the sentiment of Christmas? Why?

Share it as a tweet, an edit, a drawing, a video, up to you! Don’t forget the hashtag so that I can find it though.


Come back every day to a) check on others and b) enter the game.


Why take part?

Well, for fun of course! And if that’s not enough then also because there is a little competition.
The best of you in each country will be named as country champion by yours truly. And champions will have something to look forward to at the beginning of 2016! My lips are sealed though but watch this space 😉



One thought on “#10daysofScriptmas: The Scriptmas song

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