#10daysofScriptmas: memories

Family traditions.

Day 8: 22nd of December – your Scriptmas tradition

When I was little, my mum was usually working right up to the 24th, and was therefore very busy in the morning to prepare our Christmas feast. Thus it fell onto me to decorate the tree all by myself and when you’re 8, you take that task very seriously. It was my favourite time of the day. Christmas songs, great smell, mum in a good mood before she inevitably started to stress out and me, with my very important responsibility. If we’re together for the holidays, we still adhere to that tradition, which, I admit, also includes mum’s very colourful swearing.

I would love to know how your family celebrates Christmas, what do you do together that makes it very special? Share it in a video, a picture or in writing, up to you.


Come back every day to a) check on others and b) enter the game.

Daily videos

Technology notwithstanding, I hope to make a summary of each day in a Scriptmas video. Watch out for it in the mornings (Spanish time) and forgive me for any human errors in advance 😉

Why take part?

Well, for fun of course! And if that’s not enough then also because there is a little competition.
The best of you in each country will be named as country champion by yours truly. And champions will have something to look forward to at the beginning of 2016! My lips are sealed though but watch this space 😉



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