#FanFriday with Anda

A new year in #TheScriptChallenge! As a thank you to all who worked hard last year to create edits for the weekly prompts, now a new person will set the challenges every week.

This week’s challenge

This week the task was to create an edit/photo/drawing featuring Glen using a line of This = Love – because he had cowritten it 🙂

songs cowritten by glen TSB

Check out the album on facebook for all the entries that will be posted throughout the day.  (You can see it even if you’re not on facebook.) The edits are awesome as usual.

Fan of the week

Please welcome our first featured fan, Anda. She will share your responses to the challenge on our facebook page and twitter, and she’ll also post her favourite edits for us. The next challenge is up to her, so keep an eye out for the new task. In the meantime, here’s Anda in her own words.

“I think that something that is done without love, is something that will not last.”

Facts about you

Anda with the lads

Anda with the lads

Hello 😄 so, I’ve been asked to introduce myself, be aware, this will probably be the most boring thing you will ever read🙈. My name’s Anđa, it’s a Croatian name, so I don’t expect you to pronounce it correctly😉 (but I would like to know how you do pronounce it😜). I’m 21 and I live in Switzerland; I was born in Locarno, a town in the southern part, where we speak Italian, but I’m currently studying psychology in Fribourg, a town in the west of Switzerland, where people speak both French and German. My parents are originally Croatians, thous my name, but they came to Switzerland before I was born. I’ve got two younger siblings, a sister, and a brother.

Living in Switzerland, I had to learn a lot of languages since I was very young. Since my parents are immigrants from Bosnia, and a lot of my relatives emigrated to Switzerland in the 90s during the war in the former Yugoslavia, the first language I learned was Croatia/Bosnia/Serbo-Croatian or whatever you prefer to call it (they are all basically the same language), and I only spoke that for the first 3 years of my life. In Kindergarten I learned Italian. I consider those 2 languages my first languages. When I was 9 I started learning French, then I learned Spanish, at 12 years old I started learning German and at 13 English and Latin. I love languages and I wish I could speak more of them.

(Editor’s note: she speaks 7 languages. Seven!)

A fun fact about you

In primary school, I was in class with a deaf girl, so we all learned sign language to communicate with her. Sadly, we didn’t go to the same middle school, so I forgot most of it.

(Editor’s note: make that 8 now!)

Your favourite thing about yourself

There are not many things, to be honest there’s hardly anything, that I like about myself, but the one thing I do, is the fact that I can speak fluently more than one language.

(Editor’s note: More than one… as in 8! Man, I can’t get over this.)

Your favourite thing about The Script

My favourite thing about The Script is that they give back so much to us fans. They answer to our DMs and tweets, they really show that they care about us.

Anda's favourite picture by Peter Neill of ShootTheSound

Anda’s favourite picture by Peter Neill of ShootTheSound

How long have you been on Twitter?

I think that I’ve been on Twitter since 2012, but I started being “active” only after I attended the gig in Bern in March. Since then I’ve virtually met so many amazing people.

(Editor’s note: go follow Anda here. She’s one of the most positive tweeps you’ll meet there.)

Have you met a #TheScriptFamily member from Twitter in person? How was it?

At the beginning of November I met Julie and Sam, 2 girls form Switzerland, and it’s been a fantastic day. We met because we worked together on a project for the lads. Later that month I briefly met another Swiss fan too, Valentina. But I wish I will get the chance to meet many more Script fans.

Have you seen The Script live?

I’ve seen The Script live twice, in Bern in March and in Lucca in July. I’ve absolutely loved both gigs, but Lucca was more special for me because I met them after the gig😁. During both gigs I was over the moon, with both joy and excitement. The atmosphere they create is magical. You forget where you are, the only thing that matters in that moment is music.

anda gig

Photo by Anda

Which The Script song represents you the most?

The song that represents me the most is “This=Love”, because I try to put love in everything that I do. And I think that something that is done without love, is something that will not last.

Thank you Anda for spending the day with us, hope you’ll enjoy it.





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