Introducing our #FridayFan, Adele

Please welcome on board the always lovely Adele, who’ll be posting on Facebook today and tomorrow! Check out what she’s doing, it’s her first time on a Facebook page and she’d love your comments!

Introduce yourself with 11 words

I’m Adele, I’m 36 and I love The Script and #TheScriptFamily.

(Editor’s note: we love you too! 💚)

Question from Cheryl, our previous Friday Fan: if you could ask the lads one thing, what would you ask them?

If i’m honest I wouldn’t ask them anything but what I would like to say is a massive thank you for all they do,  and tell them how much they mean to me.

What’s your favourite thing about The Script?

My favourite thing about the lads is the interaction they have with #TheScriptFamily. It truly is a very special bond between band and fans.

I'm Yours edit by Adele

I’m Yours edit by Adele

Have you ever met anyone from #TheScriptFamily from online? What was it like?

Not met anyone from #TheScriptFamily yet but hoping to meet up with a few this year and hopefully when the lads tour.

Have you seen The Script live?

Yes, I’ve seen the lads live in Liverpool 5th March 2015. This was my first gig and wasn’t sure what to expect but wow, that night I will never ever forget, such an incredible experience.

The Script in Liverpool by Adele

The Script in Liverpool by Adele

Which script song represents you the most and why?

I think it would have to be Superheroes. I don’t class myself as a superhero but for what I have been through I’ve learned to turn that pain into power. It’s made me a stronger person,  and being a stronger person I’d like to think I can be there for people who need help, or just be a shoulder to cry on.

(Editor’s note: Adele is definitely are a superhero in my eyes, always ready to give and always ready to support anyone. She is truly exceptional.)

What’s your favourite Script-related memory?

My favourite Script related memory would have to be Croke Park even though I wasn’t there I was able to watch via the live stream. The build up was just amazing and the gig was just phenomenal.

Which Script song makes you the happiest and why?

I’m going to be greedy now and say I can’t just pick one song. Any song of The Script makes me happy if I’m honest their music is all I listen to 🙂 listening to their music brightens up my day, there’s not a day that I don’t listen to their music.

What’s your favourite picture of The Script and why?

This screenshot from Río. It made me sad this one as it was the last gig of tour but also it’s my favourite because it made me so proud of what they have acheived for the last year.

(Editor’s note: I’m with Adele on this one, seeing them on the front page of that Brasilian paper after this gig when bands like One Republic and the Queen on the same day, made me really chuffed fir our guys.)

The Script in Rio, 2015 (screenshot)

The Script in Rio, 2015 (screenshot)

What question would you like the next Friday Fan to answer?

If you could spend the day with Danny, Glen and Mark what would you do ?

Thank you :)💚

Editor’s note: thank you Adele for spending time with us this week and for taking over the Facebook page today and tomorrow! 


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