Song of the week: The Energy Never Dies

As the Friday Fan of last week, Adele has chosen The Energy Never Dies for #TheScriptChallenge2016. Check out the responses and read what the lads said about the song.

“I have chosen TEND as the next song in the challenge because for me it represents the lads’ energy on stage. It’s just incredible, it blows me away everytime I watch them” Adele said about her reasons to go for this song.

It seemed to be a good choice as it means a lot to many.

“It’s one of my favorites as the lyrics have a deep meaning” says Claudia. “Live every day like your last, and create memories you’ll never forget. It’s a comforting thought that love doesn’t simply disappear, that the energy of this strong feeling will outlast us.”

Esther speaks about her favourite line of the song: “For me TEND means that if you have met someone in your life who has given you a good vibe, and who is always there for you even when the person is not around, you can always feel the love and the energy the person has given you in the distance.
It also means to me that if you have lost a loved one, the love and energy you have once shared with that person is never gone. Even tough the person is not on earth anymore, the love and energy you once shared is always
around and you always find it again.
That’s why I love the sentence : Because this love it transcends I found you before and I’ll find you again.”

Cheryl had similar thoughts as Esther: “TEND means to me that if you love someone or something, you take a bit of their energy and you carry it with you always in your heart. Even when they are no longer here you still can feel their energy all around you.”

“It means a lot as you can see by my new tattoo” says Kayren, showing her new tattoo. (Click on her name to check it.)

“The Energy Never Dies has to me, more or less, the same meaning as Carpe Diem”, Anda said. “We should live in the moment, over thinking the consequences and the outcomes of our actions will only stop us from doing the things we love. If we don’t do the things we love while we are alive, when will we do them?
Another meaning the song has to me, is that even if it seems that something has come to an end, it’s not really the end, because all the memories we have made will forever stay with us. Those moments will always be defined by the love we felt, and still feel. Love goes beyond death, that’s why the energy never dies.”

Julee goes even deeper when sharing her thoughts about the song: “TEND, to me, means several things. One that life’s just a blink, it is only a sliver of our Eternal Lives. But saying that, it is just a blink, we could all be blown to pieces, we don’t know what the future holds for us. So LIVE and LOVE with everything you have, make every minute last for life 24/7 baby 365.
Second, LOVE will carry on but so does HATE. What do you want to leave as your legacy or your residual ENERGY?
Third for me (I like to throw this all together) I think that my kids are also part of The Energy (that) Never Dies, and so will their children. My Energy will live on through them. I want to be remembered as a positive energy, I never want them to doubt that my Love Carries on for them. This Love Transcends!”


After all the reactions above, it’s no surprise that the edits were inspired this week, too.

It’s a song that has a deep meaning for The Script as well:

The essence of it, the energy itself it love. Where do we go when we’re gone? I firmly believe that we go somewhere else, we’re more than the sum of our parts.

Read more of what Mark and Danny said about TEND here.


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