#TheScriptFamilyMeetup2016: what’s your opinion?


Even though The Script are quietly working away in the studio, it doesn’t mean we should do the same! I’m thinking of a trip for us since we all deserve it, a fun night (or more), enjoying the local offers and just be our crazy selves altogether. 

The meeting last year before the Croker gig was a lot of fun, and now, I feel, we’ve grown even closer in our little groups. So why not have another meetup to celebrate ourselves and our favourite band?

It looked like you agreed on twitter, and some of you would be open to the idea! Yay!

We even talked about the general location for the meetup:

Based on the votes and the feedback I’ve drawn up a shortlist. I’ve tried to cover all regions but I’d encourage you to consider locations that aren’t close to your home. It could be a great trip, seeing something new, discover the place with the best group of people you can imagine. You can choose more than one location for now, and if you have any other suggestions or remarks, drop a comment below.

Think different than the last time! It’s highly unlikely that we’ll have a Script gig to go with it (feel free to hassle the guys for any indication of their planned dates though 😉 ) so it could be more like a trip with friends than anything else.

I know in some cases it also depends on the date. I’m thinking after June to allow us to organise it properly and to arrange all the travel.

There you go, lots to think about, if you’ve any ideas on the what, how etc, leave a comment below. I gotta say, I’m quite excited again 🙂




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